Monday, 13 January 2014

Lucy's Life: When in Paris

Dress - AX Paris
Coat - F&F
Bag - Black Studded Bottom (Ebay)
Scarf - Market
Tights - Tesco
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Whilst I was in Paris a couple of weeks back we popped to Paris for the day.
If I'm completely honest I found the train the most exciting - it was double decker! Although we couldn't sit down because we got on the busiest carriage.

We went to Paris a couple of years back and if I was honest I hated it. The journey into Paris was petrifying. I thought I was going to die. The people on mopeds over there are crazy, weaving in and out of cars like flies! That's why I was much happier that we got the train as it removed this stressful part of the day.

We planned to go up the Eiffel tower but the que was huuuuuuuuge!

And we wanted to walk to the bridge of locks but it was really far away :(

It was a bit of a fail of a trip but it was nice to see the Christmas market and get a few photos in front of the tower! We did a lot of walking trying to get to the bridge of locks and it was really enjoyable to just see parts of Paris.

I only wish me and my sister could of stayed there longer and actually made it to the bridge of locks/love.

PS - this is my 150th Blog post!!

(Photo credits to my sister Alice)

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