Friday, 10 January 2014

Disneyland Diaries: Meeting Mickey + Disney Magic on Parade!

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Hello you lovely lot. 
What a fab start to 2014 'Lucy Abigail' has had! I put my post about Nikki Phillippi's 'How to be happy January' series live on Sunday and Nikki herself tweeted me regarding the post! She actually read it! Inside I was jumping up and down with excitement! 

Today is the second installment in my 'Disneyland Diaries' posts. First off are some photos of myself, my sister Alice and the one and only Mickey Mouse. We queued for an hour  to meet him in a hot stuffy room but we simply felt that we couldn't come home from Disneyland without having a photo with Mickey. That would just be wrong. 

If you're wondering about my outfit (isn't my top amazing!) then don't worry - an outfit post will be up on the 22nd! 

My sister also took an extensive amount of photos whilst we watched the 'Disney Magic on Parade'. We had a fabulous view as we stood at the top of the train station meaning that there was no heads in front of us and we could see the floats from all angles. I have to give credit to Alice once again for the photos. 

My favourite float obviously had to be the Frozen one as it is my new fave Disney film. I fell in love with it the moment I first saw it in cinemas and have been obsessed with it ever since. I love that the names of the girls are Elsa and Ana and they are two of my favourite baby names for girls! 

One little touch that I thought would be cute is to add the music that Disney play during the parade. I managed to find a video of it online so press play on the video and then scroll down and look at the pictures! 

Hope you enjoy...

This is a photo of a photo taken by the photographer lady. I think it is funny because both of us felt so awkward! 

(Photo credits to my sister Alice)


  1. Ahhhh this looks amazing! I'm going to Florida in May I cannot wait!! X

  2. hello there! thanks for posting this. I appreciate your point of view and I see where youre coming from. thanks again!
    jeux de bubble

  3. I went to disneyland paris last year for my birthday and this really makes me want to go again!