Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014: Looking forward

In response to yesterday's '2013: Looking Back' it seemed fitting to do a 2014: Looking Forward post too.
Hopefully you're sitting down snuggled up in a blanket, maybe even chomping down the last of the Christmas chocolates or is that wishful thinking? It's only right to start the New Year on a positive note and after a turbulent year I am determined to make 2014 an amazing year. I have never stuck to resolutions much longer than a week but this year I am determined to make more achievable ones and really try to stick to them as best I can. I will probably do some kind of recap to see how well I am getting on each season as this may give me the kick up the backside I need. I really enjoy setting goals as it really pushes me to do things I otherwise never would.

Drink more water:
I set this as my resolution most years but I really want to stick to it this year. I drank a lot of water for a couple of weeks last year and I felt so much better for it, plus my skin cleared up a dream! It's quite hard to try to drink the recommended amount as being in a school all day can mean that getting to the toilet can be a bit of a problem. To be honest, as long as I increase the amount of water I drink I will be pleased as that will be a welcome improvement from the amount I drink currently.

Blog more:
Towards the end of 2013 I took part in 'Blogmas' and enjoyed it oh so much! I loved how organised and good it made me feel to be able to put up a post every single day of December. It took a lot of work (I wrote my first Blogmas post in the October half term) but I was so happy with the end result. Even though this year I will be sitting my GCSE exams and joining college I want to stay on top of my blog and not sling it onto the backseat. That being said, my exams obviously come before my blog but I hope to plan ahead in order to achieve a healthy balance of both. Perhaps during the months of April and May I will get a few bloggers to guest post of something similar. 

Do Pilates More regularly
Over the last couple of months I have become such a big fan of Pilates. I have being doing lots of workouts in the comfort of my own home, using the 'Blogilates' videos on YouTube (which by the way are fantastic!). I really enjoy this type of exercise and feel amazing after doing one of Cassie's incredibly tough workout (try ABC Abs if you're up for a challenge). I don't want to set myself unachievable targets like 'workout everyday' because that is just not going to happen. Instead I want to set myself the goal of working out when I can. Exercise may be my secret weapon to not getting stressed about exams!

Don't get stressed
I do not want to look back in a years time and think "All I did was spend 2014 stressing out." This would be very possible because exams really get to me and I struggle under pressure. To save this happening my revision will be commencing in January and this way I have plently of time to revise hopefully meaning that there is no panick revision....although I cannot promise you that there will be no tears. I just have to work extremely hard for the first few months and then I have a two and a half month long summer once exams are over - woohoo!

Kandee Johnson is one of my favourite youtubers. Her happy, positive personality is amazing and I think she is such a good role model to so many girls. I know she made this video last year so it is a year out of date but if you push that to the side this video is beautifully raw and inspiring. I love how Kandee talks so openly about the struggle of losing her Dad and how it has simply made her more determined to 'make today better than yesterday'. If you have a spare couple of minutes I would definitely suggest you watch this.

So there you go. My mini goals/aims for 2014. What are your goals for this year?


  1. You should carry around a water bottle at all times. It's really helped me drink more water.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

    1. I will deffinately try too - may not fit in my tiny little clutch bag though haha!
      Happy new year!
      Lucy x