Friday, 31 January 2014



Guess what day it is today!?


I am having the best week long celebrations!

On Sunday I went out for a meal with my Dad, sister Alice and brother Thomas to Prezzo (one of my fave restaurants ever).

Then today I plan to eat cake, a lot of cake! Some family are also coming round tonight so that should be nice.

Tomorrow I am having a joint 16th party with one of my bestest friends Chloe. All of our school friends are coming round and were going to have a Chinese and lots of giggles with good company.

Then to end all of the celebrations on Saturday me, my mum, Alice, Pip and Becca are going to Center Parks! EEEEEEK!

I am so so excited. Pop back on 5th Feb for a photo roundup of all of these fun things.

And thankyou for all of your lovely messages, they mean so much!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

What's in my vacation bathroom? (Makeup, Skincare ect)

I promise you all that this is my last Disneyland related post! I apologise for there being so many but a lot of you seem to have enjoyed them plus I like to document/scrapbook my life on my blog so it seemed right. 

Today I don't really have a lot to say but I do have some photos of my bathroom. I suppose that this post is also 'my essentials' kind of post. When your going on holiday, obviously you cannot take everything. You take the products you simply cannot be without. I took my makeup essentials, skincare essentials, plus a few sample size products I'm trailing!

I'm especially excited to be trailing the La Roche Posay 'Effaclar Duo'. I have been keeping a diary of how this product is working and my opinions on it daily, so basically keep an eye out for this very in depth review coming soon!

I also kept my Carmex at the ready whilst there as it was freezing and the last thing I wanted was cold, chapped lips. I also used my Kate Moss for Rimmel in the shade 007. 

I know it's a short post from me today but things are really starting to get busy. I have a feeling I may have to get some guest posts for when crazy exam revision starts!

Hope you're all having a lovely Tuesday.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Paris Haul

Since my January Sales blog post went down so well (HERE) I thought it made sense to also show you what I picked up on my holiday in January. This will only be a quick little post as I will a review of the blusher/Eyeliner/Bioderma coming soon and the review for the Sephora Body Wash capsules is already up (HERE). 

First of all I bought some Minnie mouse ears because they are a Disneyland essential! I wore them all week and they made me smile :)

We also discovered that there is a huge shopping centre about a 5 minute drive away from our house so on New Years Eve we popped there for a little spot of shopping.

Me and Alice got pretty excited when we went into a pharmacie and bought some Bioderma. Am I a real blogger now haha! We both picked up a large bottle of the stuff and I have only used it a few times but an already understand all of the hype.

Next we went into the Italian makeup store 'Kiko'. What first caught our eye was all of the cheap prices. It was like France's version of MUA! I picked up a blue kohl eyeliner as I thought it would be fab for the upcoming spring/summer.

Next up are my purchases from Disneyland. 

I bought this hideously beautiful Disney Princess photo frame that I adore. It is so me and it is currently sitting proudly on my bedside table. 

Now this pen makes my heart flutter. I still cannot quite believe that I spent 8 Euros on a pen but it is amazingggggg. I love the Little Mermaid, a lot. So it seemed only right that I bought this pen, yes?

Finally I picked up the Benefit Bella Bamba blush on the ferry. It was reduced from £18.80 to £9.40! I love duty free! I have used this a couple of times already and it is such a pretty pink colour. Expect a full review in the future. 

PS - I reached 250 bloglovin followers last night.....THANKYOU SO SO SO MUCH!

Friday, 24 January 2014

Sephora: Creamy Body Wash Capsules REVIEW

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Whilst in Paris I couldn't resist but pop into Sephora. These little capsules really caught my eye so I had to pick up two. My first instinct was that these things looked really odd - almost like capsule that you put in your coffee machine! These cute little pods have a one use amount of Sephora's Creamy Body Wash inside. Because of their diddy size they are fab for travelling and one night trips when you don't want to have to lug along a full size bottle of shower gel. The packaging is really cute and I loved how colourful they looked all stacked up neatly in the shops.

These little pods have a tab which you break off to reveal a whole. You can then squeeze out the body wash onto your hand or loofa. These little pods were cheap at 80 cents (euros) but wouldn't be quite so cheap if you used them daily. Save them for travelling and then you're onto a winner. 

I picked up the lemon and the green tea scent. I used the lemon one whilst in Paris and really enjoyed using it. There is plenty of product within the pod so that was good, plus they foam up really well. 
Even when I had put my jim jams on I could still smell the lemony scent so that was fab as usually shower gel scents fade away quicker than you can say 'bye'.

They come in 14 different delicious scents so if you ever get the chance to go in a Sephora - go in a pick one or two up, they are fab to keep for travelling/ sampling Sephora's products.

The scents are: Blueberry, Coconut, Cotton Flower, Green Tea, Lagoon, Lemon Verbena, Mango, Monoi, Orange Blossom, Peony, Strawberry, Toffee, Vanilla and Chocolate.

Also, these would be so so cute as little party fillers/stocking fillers and other cute things like that!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Disneyland Diaries: OOTD infront of the caste (Mickey Top & Minnie Ears

Mickey Top - Primark
Red Skirt - Primark
Tights - F&F
Coat - Jack Wills
Shoes - Converse
Bag - Osprey
(Click HERE to see all of my Disneyland Diaries posts)

I'm back again today with another 'Disneyland Diaries' post.
Today is an OOTD of my fave outfit that I wore from the whole trip. 

I have had this skirt for ages and loved it but never really knew how to style it. My mum and sister always said it was vile and that they hated it and I was really nervous about wearing it so for a long time it sat at the back of my wardrobe unloved and unworn. Then when I was planning my outfits for Paris I put it on with the top and felt it just worked. My mum and sister approved as well haha!

I got the amazing top from my dad from Christmas (well...I picked it!). I love that Mickey's tummy is in this shiny red metallic colour because when it catches the sun it looks really pretty. 

I think this outfit may be making an appearance in the spring/summer but just without the coat and skin colour tights instead of black!

(Photo credit to my sister Alice)

Monday, 20 January 2014

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash Review

Since moving house in September last year I barely have showers, due to the fact that we actually don't have a shower. We have a bath bu plan to get the bathroom done sometime soon. In the meantime, I'm not complaining as I love baths. My friend Becca gave me the 'Sugar Crush Body Wash' from Soap & Glory for my birthday after I had been lusting after it for yonks. Every time I went in Boots I couldn't help smelling it! When I first went to use this product I was unsure how to without a shower. I don't know why I was concerned because it is literally just a body wash so of course I can use it in the bath! I use it for it's actual purpose (body wash) but also some times use it as bubble bath. It doesn't create too many bubbles but leaves the water smelling incredible!

 This foamy body wash smells AMAZING! Zoe for describes it perfectly; lime with brown sugar! This is the most accurate yet simple description of the scent I have come by. True it's word it is both fresh and foamy and somehow the lime honestly does smell freshly squeezed and not artificial at all. The scent is extremely invigorating making it a perfect choice for a morning 'wake me up' wash. This beauty foams up a treat even with a small pump. 2 pumps comfortably covers my whole body so I can see this huge 500ml bottle lasting me months.

I adore the packaging of this product and would happily leave it out on the side of the bath because it looks so pweeety! I especially like the fact that this come with a pump as it makes it nice and easy to control how much comes out, plus you're not left with a sticky bottle after wasting a lot of the product around the side of the bottle.

Over all I would defiantly recommend this. It's an absolute pleasure to use and seems amazing value. From the outset I thought £6.50 was a ridiculous amount to pay for a shower gel but now after using it I think it is so worth it as it will last me ages! I'm eager to buy more 'Sugar Crush' products now and hopefully have a growing collection.

Have you tried any sugar crush products before?

What is your favourite Soap & Glory product?

Despite it being pretty pricey for a shower gel at £6.50, the bottle is pretty huge and I can't even tell that I've used it despite using it every day for over two weeks.

I'm really eager to buy the Sugar Crush Body Cream as it smells just as good and will hopefully keep me smelling amazing all day as the one minor gripe with the Body Wash is that although it smells great in the shower, it pretty much fades away quickly after you step out of it.

What are your favourite S&G products? 

Friday, 17 January 2014

January Sales Haul (Lush, Lancome, Boots, New Look and Next)

(I apologise for the AWFUL quality photo - my lighting was real bad!!)

As you can see above....I went a little bit crazy in January.
My Dad gave me money for my birthday (30th Jan) but he gave it to me on Christmas day as it made sense to spend it in the sales and get more for my money. I got a bit excited as I'm not used to having money that I can actually spend and don't have to save. I bought a lot of things that I wouldn't normally spend my money on so that was really nice.

A lot of this stuff I'm actually keeping back for my birthday so that I have something to open on the day so that's nice too. 

First of all we went to Lush. Me and my sister Alice were determined to get some bargains in their famous sale this much so that we were there 45 minutes before they opened and were first in the que!
This comes after being left very dissapointed last year as I spent a lot of boxing day trying to get on the website but it kept crashing :(

My Auntie Karen had very kindly given my a £15 Lush gift card for Christmas and this was a fab present! I was putting things in my basket like a crazy women, with no real idea of quite how much what I had picked up would cost - I just knew I didn't want to spend more than £20. When I got to the till I had spent £31.70 but once the 50% was taken off at the end it went down to 15.88! WOOO! I only had to pay 88 pence....technically! I was so so happy with this trip to Lush as I often walk out of there empty handed as I cannot justify spending £3.50 on a bath bomb so this was a really nice change. 

I picked up 9 bubble bars/bath bombs and one of the pink star wandy things (anyone know what they're called!?) I decided to go for individual bombs rather than a set and was really pleased I did as this just worked well for me because within a lot of the set I was only really bothered by a few of the products in there. 

Myself, my sister and my mum have all decided that going to Lush on boxing day will now become a tradition - hurrah!

After our exciting trip to Lush we walked on round to Debenhams. It was empty! I have had my eye on the Lancome star mascara since back in October when my fave YT'er ever Fleur De Force spoke about it being her fave. Since then I have always had my eye on it when I went in my local department store. I was pretty darn excited when I saw this in the Debenhams sale! The set comes with a kohl eyeliner, a mini makeup remover and a full size Lancome Star Mascara.  As you can see from the sticker I paid £15 - woop woop!
(I'm keeping that back for my birthday, it is so so hard to try not to use it!)

The next two purchases are both from Boots. We were headed in the direction of the perfumes because my mum really wanted to get the Nica Ricci perfume. Whilst we were there I spotted the Taylor Swift 'Wonderstruck' perfume and immediately wanted to smell it. Again, this is probably Fleur's influence on me haha! It smells so so so good and then I saw that it was £7 off and I had to buy it!

Foundation is one of those things I never seem to have 'enough' of and seem to like to have a stash of it, anyone else? I used the match perfection one around this time last year and my only thoughts on it were that I used it up really quickly. I then switched to the 'Wake me Up' and fell in love. Only problem is I feel that the 'Wake me Up' is a little too heavy for school and have wanted to get a lighter foundation for quite some time. I saw that this one had been reduced so thought I'd snap up a bargain - it's normally around £7 a bottle!
Whilst in Bristol on Saturday me, my mum and my friend Becca may have accidentally found our selves in the Yankee store and then some tarts accidentally came home with me. Those pesky things!

The mandarin cranberry was in the sale for 60p, the vanilla lime one was 90p and the salted caramel was full price at £1.30. The lime one smells just like the Sugar Crush Body Wash so I couldn't resist. It seems like a really good candle for spring/summer.
The salted caramel one smells AMAZING. It is so so good! Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter said in her video on Sunday that this is her fave Yankee candle and I can deffinately see why. If you have never smelt it put it on your to-do list, you'll thank me later!
Make way for the serious bargains!

First of all I picked up the shoes on the far right for £10 in the New Look sale. I kind of fell in love with them and they were reduced from £30 so it was meant to be!

Later that week (I did a lot of shopping that week!!) I popped into my local Next Clearance and spotted these two beauties. The grey wedge heels have a real Kate Middleton vibe and I think I will get quite a lot of wear out of them because they seem to be quite comfy. They have a few marks on them but nothing they wouldn't get the minuite I stepped foot out the house.

The pink pair are pretty bright to say the least. At first I picked them up for a Carrie Diaries inspired blog post I have coming up very soon but they grew on me and I now kind of like them. They had ankle straps but I took them off as I really didn't like them.

Now here comes the best bit:

Pink ones: 
Were £ 28
Reduced to £3

Grey ones: 
Were £38
Reduced to £3

I couldn't quite believe these prices....madness!

I have been wanting a statment necklace for ageeees but have never found 'the one'. In New Look I managed to pick up this lovely green one for only £3. Since buying it I have already had a lot of wear out of it and really love how it can dress up/dress down an outfit.

I was contacted by Prairie Charms back before Christmas about working with them on one of their blogger projects and obviously leaped at the chance. As part of that I bought a special 'mystery box' from their sale. It cost £5 for the 3 bows so I feel I got a good deal. I especially love the sparkly pink bow. It has my name written all over it. Might even wear it on my birthday!

This wine coloured crop top was another good buy from New Look. I kinda bought a whole outfit. I plan to wear the black & gold skirt, the crop top and the pencil skirt below when I go out for my birthday meal so I had that in mind when I bought it. It goes so nicely with the pencil skirt even if it is a little too short for my liking. I paid £7 for this and it was originally £17.99 (Who would pay that much for a crop top!?)
I love love love this. I have been after a pencil skirt for so long and my mum actually found this for me whilst we were raiding the sale rail for goodies in New Look. Since I have got it home and tried it on with different pieces I am so happy I got it. It is such a versatile piece and I am 100% sure I will get a lot of wear out of it.
Lastly - a novelty tee. This was only £2 so I had to buy it to keep it back for next year - it is just so cute.

So there you go.

All the bits I picked up in the sales. 
I have been so lucky lately with all the lovely gifts I have been receiving/things I have been able to buy. So much so that I am probably going on a spending ban in February (haha - she says!) 

Please do comment below if you have done any similar kind of blog posts or tweet me with the link!

PS - it is my 16th birthday on 30th January and I would love to get to 250 bloglovin followers and 300 GFC by then! I am so close! If you like the look of my blog and enjoy the content please follow it. It means so much to me and that way you never miss one of my posts ever again!

Lots of love

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Disneyland Diaries: Frozen, Castle & Main Street

I don't really have a lot to say today, but I have a heck of a lot of photos to show you. I promise this will be one of my last Disneyland Diaries post - they seem to be never ending haha! But is too much Disney a bad thing? Nope! 

I thought I would organise today's post a bit like a photo album. All jumbled up but with captions to explain what's going on.

I love the window display in the background!
This photo looks like it was taken in summer...not the middle of winter

Me and Tom posing with Buzz!
Main Street

Pretty baloons

Inside the castle - sooooo pretty!

the windows are so beautiful!

I LOVE Frozen!!
I need to decorate my tree like this next year haha!

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(Photo credits to my sister Alice)