Tuesday, 3 December 2013


I feel like I shouldn't say this, but one of my favourite parts of Christmas has to be VLOGMAS. I just love it so so much! 

I thought it would be nice to give you a quick overview of all the Youtuber's I will be watching this Merry December and you never know - you may find a new fave!

I also couldn't resist showing you photos from when I met some Youtubers ages ago. I have no idea why these photos never made it onto my blog but you're finally going to see them...

I love Fleur. Actually, that's a bit of an understatement. She has to be my favourite youtuber. I love how she doesn't get sucked in by 'fame' and hasn't changed that much since she started making videos. Her vlogs are fab and Mike is amazing! You need to subscribe to her! When I met her I nearly cried!

This girl needs no intro! She has actually just reached 3 million subscribers (cray cray!) and has to be one of if not the, most loved British Youtuber out there. She is just too cute and I am so excited to see what she gets up to this month! PS - I met her last year and she was so sweet! I couldn't resist not adding a picture...

I love Louise to be quite frank. She is so bubbly and funny and seems so fun to be friends with. I love her positive outlook on life - even though she has been through a fair amount of ups and downs. I cannot wtach to watch all of her vlogs as Darcy is just the biggest ball of cuteness ever and I can't wait to see her beautiful face! I met Louise too.... she was so so funny and even made a joke to my parents!

Jim is too cute. He's seems so lovely and selfless and I love his vlogs as I find his humour so funny!

I think I am love with Joe. He is just amazing and I cannot wait to see what he get's up to this month. I think I fan- girled a wee bit when I met him!!

I have been reading Tasmin's blog 'Little Glitter' for quite some time and love it! I saw her most recent blog post whilst typing this post and had to mention that she is doing vlogmas. I had no idea until now and am excited to see her upcoming videos. 

I'm sure Bethany will be doing some kind of Vlogmas/count down to Christmas. I love Bethany because I think she is such an inspiration to so many young girls because she has been so successful with youtube and deserves it all! I cannot wait to see what cute vlogs she will be uploading - they are always so beautifully filmed!

I love Becca. She is so funny and she is pretty inspirational. I actually posted her a Christmas card to her new PO Box today! If you haven't seen her Disneyland Vlogs yet THEN YOU MUST!!

I lurvvve Tanya Burr! She is so sweet and has a whole host of vlogs and main channel videos coming up over the festive period. I cannot wait!

So as you can tell, I will be watching a lot of Youtubers this month - this is only a few of the vlogs haha! Let alone watching 'main' channel videos and reading blogs.....crazzzzzy!

Hope you found a new fave or just got to know me better.

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Lots of Love


  1. Thank you for including me lovely..means a lot <3 xxx Tamsin


    1. You're welcome - Awh didn't know you read my blog! xx

  2. such a lovely post!! cant believe you met Fleur!! she is also one of my fave youtubers :) xx

    1. Thankyou so much! She is so amazing right? x