Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Christmas Tag!

Christmas is getting closer and closer. AHHHHH!

So today I thought that I would do the Christmas tag as I haven't done a tag in AGESSSSS!

What's your favourite things about Christmas?
Definitely the whole build up process. Putting up the tree, Christmas shopping and wrapping, vlogmas - it's all so much better than the actual day in my opinion!

What's your favourite makeup look for the Festive Season?
I actually did a post of my two favourite looks for the festive season within my Blogmas series.
If you wish to check them out;
My everyday Winter Makeup - HERE

Real Tree or Fake Tree?
I definitely prefer real trees. I think they compliment the Baubles better and generally look nicer. Last year we got a real Christmas tree for the first time and it was a bit of a nightmare. Spikes from the tree got EVERYWHERE. Everytime you put a present under the tree you would end up with loads in your hair and fallen down the back of your clothes. Then just before New year the tree actually got knocked over and there were spikes all over the floor. When we stood the tree back up it was just bare branches :( That's why we stuck to fake trees this year!

Giving presents or receiving presents? 
Definitely giving. I always go overboard with buying presents for everyone and then am totally skint for January. 

Do you open your presents in the morning or evening?
We used to open them in the morning. We would always wake up our parents at 6 and they would tell us to wait till 7!

Homemade cards or bought?
Bought! Writing them takes up enough time let alone making them aswell! Perhaps when I'm retired and have nothing better to do....

Favourite Christmas film?
Well I'm glad you mentioned that as I actually did a blogpost on it haha (reoccurring theme!)
Click HERE to read it.

What's your favourite Christmas food?
Definitely pigs in blankets! They are just so so yummy!

So there you go - if you have done a Christmas tag please leave it in the comments below!


  1. Yeah I definitely could not be bothered making my own Christmas cards. Maybe one or two for some special folk!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. I cannot make cards to save my life haha, and I'm definitely a giver too much!
    Have a fab christmas xx