Monday, 30 December 2013

NYE Glitzy Makeup FOTD

This FOTD was actually a makeup look I wore to my friends 16th Birthday Party a couple of weeks back (OOTD LINK HERE)

It featured a blue/brown warm smoky eye, black winged eyeliner with glitter along the top. I really liked this makeup look as it was my usual evening makeup look but with a glitzy twist. Being a teenager and wearing makeup can often be a bit tricky. If I walked out the door with glitter on my eyes and a bold lip look I would resemble a six year old who has tried mummy's makeup on. To save this happening I decided that since I had quite a heavy smoky/glittery eye I would only wear carmex lip balm on my lips.

This look would be great for a NYE party makeup look. The glitter just screams "WELCOME TO THE YEAR 2014!"

I used my Rimmel wake me up foundation which is amazing. If you have never tried it -try it! 

Everytime I wear it I get so many compliments on my skin.

I know that the bottom photo is a bit odd but all of these photos were taken with my friend Emily's amazing camera which I am in love with.

The glitter eyeliner I used was from Collection and they do it in a whole array of colours so if silver is too boring for you feel free to go craaazy!

Please comment with link if you have done a NYE makeup tutorial - I would love to see some!

What are your plans for seeing in the New Year?


  1. That eye makeup looks SO great! I love how you mix the reddish shadow in!


  2. This is such an awesome look! I bought the Collection glitter eyeliner but havent yet used it. When I do I'll give this a go. Hope you had a great new years :) ox