Friday, 20 December 2013

My Present/Gift Wrapping

At Christmas I love seeing Trees with some beautifully wrapped presents underneath it. It makes me heart melt. Don't get me wrong I am appalling at wrapping - so so bad! Instead I cover this up by using bows, ribbons, gift bags and tissue paper and it seems to work quite well.

I thought this post would be a nice little visual one to inspire you to do some last minute beautiful wrapping. It really makes all the difference with a present. It can make it stand out and adds that well needed 'magic spark'. I save up ribbon, bows and bags all year round and keep them in a hamper. I took a few photos of the contents of the 'box of goodies' to show you what sort of things I save. You may wish to start one of your own and save pretty bows and labels this Christmas. If someone has tied your present with beautiful ribbon that you love, why not pass it on on a present to someone who you love?

Sorry that this is such a short post today but there's not really a lot else left to say!

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