Monday, 16 December 2013

My Favourite Christian Christmas Songs

Christmas music is a must have in December.
Thing is though - with every artist out there doing some spin on a classic or trying to bring out a new festive fave we end up with a libary of songs that can only really be played for four weeks of the year.

Plus - as much as I adore the good ol' classics, it's nice to find a few new faves that perhaps are a bit different. 

All of these songs are Worship Christmas songs, as it is called Christmas for a reason!

I hope you enjoy;

'Light of the World' - Lauren Daigle
Lauren Daigle is a new discovery of mine but she has such a beautiful voice; it's powerful yet peaceful. There's a really distinct and unique quality to her voice which adds such soul to this song. Lauren generally sings about real life issues where people need hope and peace and presents Heaven's answer: Jesus. This song sounds a tiny bit like a take on "O Come O Come Emmanuel". 
The lyrics are truly beautiful so I chose to include the lyric video so you can hear and read them clearly.#
This song is definitely a new fave.

'Joy to the World' By Citizens
Mars Hill worship band is known for its ability to take a hymns and give them a new lease of life. That's exactly what they've done with the well known and well loved 'Joy to The World'. This song has a great blend of the familiar melody line and a high energy feel to it. 

'Hey Moon' Sidewalk Prophets

This song is so beautiful. It's all about the star of David talking to the moon about the birth of Jesus. The lyrically strong song has some great memorable lines such as;
"Do you ever get tear in your eye? When you think about the time that God came down / I couldn’t help myself I had to shine so bright," and, "It’s funny how things have changed / I wish they could see the things we’ve seen / Before the colored lights / And Christmas trees."

'Unspoken' - Feliz Navidad
With this song, the band wrote verses of their own that reflect upon the past years and Jesus' birth. If you haven't heard this version of 'Christmas: Joy to the World' be prepared from a complete overhaul of what you might expect from this song.

'Just a Girl' Brandon Heath
Brandon Heath is an incredible song writer and I adore this song so much that I had to put the lyric video so that you can fully understand what he's saying throughout the song. This song focuses on the story of there being no room for Mary and Joseph at the inn in Bethlehem. He imagines the thought process of the inn keeper - which involves him wrongly judging Mary - only to regret his decision later.
"He's just a babe / Just minutes old there trembling in the hay / I could have found a room for them to stay / I'm so ashamed / He's just a babe.
It's a creative take on the Christmas story and focuses on a character that many of us take hardly any notice of. The world didn't expect Jesus to come as He did, which provokes the question - do we accept Him on His terms or ours?

I love ALL of these songs. The first and last have to be my faves! Comment below letting my know which one is your favourite and any other good Christmas songs you know of!

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