Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Christmas Lookbook: Night/Party

As part of my 'BLOGMAS' series (which I hope you are all enjoying!) I thought I couldn't not do a lookbook. I haven't really done a 'lookbook' style blog post before. Yes I have done lots of OOTD's and I guess this is essentially just 3 OOTD's crammed together but I'm really pleased with how this post has turned out.

A massive thanks is due to my cousin Pip (left) and sister Alice (right) who very reluctantly agreed to help me with this post. Faffing about wit a tripod on my own is such a pain and I never usually end up with great shots. This meant that there was actually a person behind the camera to check that we were in focus ect.

So these are outfits you might wear now that it's party season. Perhaps out for a meal, to a cocktail party or maybe even NYE? You may stuggle buying the products worn as alot of them are old season - instead you could just use this post as inspiration, not to literally find an outfit.

I have gone for quite a heavy edit effect on these pictures and would love to know your thoughts. Is it too much or just right? 

Look Number 1 - Pip's Playsuit

Playsuit - Primark
Tights - Tesco
Wedge Boots - New Look

Look Number 2 - Little Black Dress

Necklace - Vintage
Nude Heels - New Look
Bracelet - Jinkksy
Dress - Billie and Blossom

Look Number Three - Alice's Maxi

Lace Maxi Dress with built in hotpants - Primark

Primark have some fab dresses for purse friendly prices this season so be sure to take a look in there!

So there's a short little look at a few of the outfits you can expect to find us in this party season.

Which one is your favourite?

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