Sunday, 15 December 2013

Christmas House Tour (Decorations + Tree)

 How cool is this edit!? IT SPARKLES!

I love Picasa for enabling me to do such a cool edit!
How cute is this soldier!? He was from Liberty's last year.
This is the most ugly thing I have ever seen but I adore her. She came back with me from M&M world in New York!
I picked this up in Hallmark for something ridiculously cheap and it's so sweet. I love being able to always know how long it is till Christmas.
These look like mince pies....but they are actually candles! They are so cool. I picked these up from my local charity shop thinking they would be an interesting addition to my decoration collection.
These plates are adorable. No more needs to be said!
I love these santa as they are icle and mini - I picked them up from Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park last year!

Yes my dog has an advent calendar haha!

There's a quick overview of my decorations.

Please comment or tweet me with links or photos if you have done a post similar - I would love to take a look.



  1. Gorgeous Christmas tree photos, loving how they sparkle! And those mince pie candles...just yes.
    Mel x

  2. loooooove your xmas mugs, need to go and get myself a couple more, cant go wrong with mugs! love the snow effect on your photo, so cute! x

    1. Thankyou so much - no you can't! Thanks - Lucy xx