Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

(I have swapped this post and 'VLOGMAS - who to watch' as many Youtubers first VLOGMAS is yet to go live)

Yes yes this is a predictable post - but a very useful one none the less! Every year my bloglovin feed gets bombarded with gift guides and as sick of them as I get - they are incredibly useful! 

I have two gift guides - this one (FOR HER) and another one (FOR HIM) coming the day after tomorrow. I have split these posts up into three categories to make it easy and clear. The first one is 'Gifts under £5' then 'Gifts under £10' and finally 'Gifts under £20'. Hopefully there is something for everyone and you find this post useful!

Under £5

You want to buy them a present but you don't want to spend a heap of money. I'm sure that we can all think of somebody who falls into the category. This is where I come in and safe the day (something like that...)

99 hair bandz - £5 HERE
ASOS are always fab for last minute Christmas pressies. The delivery is always pretty prompt plus it's free so there's no hidden costs! This present is genius. I'm sure you all get just as fed up as I do with hair bands constantly disappearing from the face of the earth. This is such a cute and quirky idea that is practical too! 

Stamp Cookie Cutter - £4.95 HERE
These cookies cutters are too cute! This is a lovely gift for someone who enjoys baking or maybe even just getting into it. The set comes with two cutters. One reading 'Eat Me' and one that says 'Home Made'. They come in clear packaging with a gingham tied bow for added cuteness. 

Topshop Nail Varnish in 'Rumours and Lies' - £5 HERE
This is an ideal present for a girly girl you know. The colour is amazing and Topshop nail varnishes are fab quality. This would make a really cute stocking filler! If you wanted cheaper than this another alternative may be Barry M nail varnishes which are £3 each! 

Maybelline Baby Lips - £2.99 HERE
We have all read a review on Baby Lips are some point so I'm not going to go into how fab they are. These would again make a fab stocking filler and you could even buy a couple of them since they are so cheap! Plus they look so pretty!

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette - £4 HERE and in SUPERDRUG stores
I love this palette. I use it all the time and it is fab for everyone as the colours are easy to wear and nothing too bold. You get 12 earth tones and these are such great value for money as they are highly pigmented. Only thing to be careful with this is make sure you state that it is fragile somewhere on the wrapping!

Patterned Milk Chocolate Letter - £3 HERE  
These handmade Belgian chocolate letters are so adorable. They are available in letters A-Z so you could buy the initials of your friends, child or relatives name. This present is so unique and would make a fab stocking filler. If I was bought one of these I wouldn't want to eat it!

Under £10

Asos Curve Coin Necklace  - £6 HERE
This present is so British. Who wouldn't want to wear Queenies head round their neck? This is a steal at only £6 and like everything I have mentioned so far - would be suitable for stocking fillers.

Elegant Touch House Of Holland Nails - £8.99 HERE
These are crazy, fun and colourfull - three words that I love to put together. I have seen nothing but good reviews from these nails all over the bloggersphere so they must be good'uns! They come in an array of styles so if you think the person who you're buying for would prefer something more subtle you can get just that!

Ted Baker Lovely Lindy Hop Nail and Lipgloss set
- £8 HERE
Whilst reading the reviews for this product on the Boots website I saw a comment that said
"Beautiful product, lovely packaging and super pigmented nail polish and lip gloss! The nail polish dries really quick and all you need is one coat!"
Need I say anymore!?

Small Photo Snow Globe - £6 HERE
This is such a cute idea. Buy this for a friend or family member - pop a photo inside and bam they have their own personal Christmas scene. This is so cute and you actually have to put some work into it (if only a little) and it is just a lovely thoughtful present. 

Born in the 90's Sweet Box - £5.99 HERE
Now in my opinion this is THE coolest present I have mentioned so far! I is a box of sweets full of 90's sweets. The box itself is in the style of Toy Story and alot of the sweets that come in the box and pretty hard to get hold of nowadays! This would make such a cool and quirky present for a 90's kid. I have never seen anything like this before and think that the concept is sooo cool! 

£20 and Under

Mac Lipstick - £15 (approx) HERE
If you're a guy and looking for what to buy your girlfriend on my blog then I'm guessing she likes fashion/beauty? In which case a MAC lipstick may be the perfect pressie. MAC lipstick are rather pricey and I know that alot of beauty bloggers feel that they can't justify spending £15 on a lipstick which I agree with 100%. That's why I think MAC lipsticks make such good presents as it's something that would be a proper treat. If the person you are buying for wears quite simple makeup I would advise that you play it safe and buy her quite a nude/subtle colour rather than going for a bold red or purple. 

No7 The Beautifier - £12 HERE
This is a perfect 'I don't know what to buy' present as it has a little bit of everything. Eyes, lips and nails - It's all covered. Another fab thing about this is that Boots Christmas sets are currently 3 for 2 so snap up a bargain while you can!

Love and Flowers Candle - £18 HERE
Everyone loves candles. I am yet to meet someone who doesn't. Not just this candle but in general they are fab presents to give. If you're not up for paying Emma Bridgewater prices perhaps check out a cheaper alternative such as Yankee.

Garden Birds Travel Pouch - £16 HERE
Isn't this beautiful. Cath Kidston never fails to bring us beautiful prints and I don't know anyone who wouldn't love to open this on Christmas day. It's just tooooo cute! I know it is rather expensive for a wash bag/makeup bag but Cath Kidston's are always impeccable quality.

Chanel Le VERNIS nail colour - £18 HERE
If you're buying someone Chanel at Christmas you must love them. This present is extravagant and overpriced but it's Chanel! What girl doesn't want Chanel for Christmas? I rest my case!

So there you go! I hope this post was helpfull Please comment if you end up buying anyone something that I mentioned in this post!

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  1. Perfect! I love the varying degree of prices it's really helpful xx

    1. Glad you liked it and thankyou for commenting! xo