Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas Clutch Essentials/ What's in my Christmas Clutch?

I couldn't resist not doing a 'what's in my bag' style post for this series.
Since it is the party season it seemed quite fitting to do a clutch bag with my personal party essentials in them.

First off the clutch:
This was from Primark a good year or so back and was an absolute steal for £3! I love the Christmassy feel to it and it's big enough to allow me to carry round everything but the kitchen sink in it. Although in the photos the faux leather bit looks very purple in real life it's not quite as bright as that. This season, New Look and Topshop have some great clutches so be sure to have a peek online if you're after one.

Impulse - "Roses and Grapefruit"
This smells DIVINE. My sister was wearing it the other day and it smelt so good that I had to go out and buy some! Impulse body sprays are currently all 99p in Sainsbury's if you're interested too! During a night out or whilst at a party it's vital to smell good, so carrying any kind of body spray is helpful.

Spare Tights
I cannot count how many times my tights have laddered while I have been out and it's pretty embarrassing. From now on I carry a pair of tights with me if they are ever in my outfit. Obviously no use carrying them if you're wearing disco pants but maybe some heel gels for if your shoes start rubbing or something similar.

Lipstick/ General Makeup
My hand bag or whatever I'm carrying round with me normally has three things in it:
* Eyeliner
* Lipstick/Lipbalm

If you go to the toilet and notice your lipstick has gone blotchy it makes sense to be able to whip out the tube of lipstick. Plus - it is such a pain if you're out and your lips become sore!

Bobby Pins/Hairbands
Similarly to the others, if you have spent over an hour painstakingly putting your hair into a beehive and then during your night out a piece of hair falls out you would be kicking yourself for not carrying spare pins.

So that's what I'd take in my clutch.
Obviously there would be the usual; keys, phone, money but that's all a bit boring and I don't want to come across as being patronising so I left it out.

Hope you're enjoying blogmas!

We're way over half way through!


  1. £3?! I'm pretty impressed, even my bargain hunting isn't that good hahah!! xx