Saturday, 7 December 2013

Christmas Card Writing!

I love sending/receiving Christmas cards.
It makes me feel all warm inside to walk into someones home and see cards dotted all over the place of people wishing them well.

After doing quite a bit of shopping I decided to get my cards from 'Card Factory'. I think these are a nationwide brand but please don't quote me on that. I get most of my cards from the card factory as they tick all the boxes. They have some really cute cards for half of the price of most card shops. Sometimes they even have a 6 cards for a £1 deal on - how amazing is that!?

Even though the price of a first class stamp is ridiculous Christmas e-cards just don't cut it for me. Can you put an e-card 'up'? NO!

I decided to get a few different packets of card. First are these beautiful Nativity Scene cards.
 They look magical and I also like that they have the true meaning of Christmas on them. There is a reason for the season after all. These were an absolute steal at 10 for 99p! They look so much more expensive than that and are actually quite a large size.

The second bunch of cards I got will probably be for younger children who I know and I may even use them for gift tags and cut the backs off. These are, like the others, meaningful and not just Santa's face splattered all over them (not that I have anything against Santa's face!)

There are four different designs (all photographed above) and you get ten of each. That's 40 for 99p! How crazily good is that!?

Did you send Christmas cards this year?

Ps - there will be no vlogmas tomorrow as I am in London this weekend but you will get TWO Vlogmas' on Monday!

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