Monday, 30 December 2013

2013: Looking Back

2013. What a year! I don’t even know where to begin, but here goes…

On reflection, it becomes clear that this year has been the worst one of my life. I don’t really want to go into too much detail but I have spoke about something ‘big’ happening and I know that those of you who asked what it was only did so because you care. To give you the short story – my parents got divorced, I massively struggled to cope with this and am now trying to get back to the happy, smiley person I was before May. When talking to my Doctor he described divorce as being “like someone has died except you can never  fully move on or get over it as there are always new problems you encounter”. I completely agree with the first bit but would like to think that in years time I would look back at this with a smile on my face thinking that I must have been an exception to the latter bit.

Although this year was  one filled with tears there were a handful of happy times  during which I really felt amazing. Most of these times were Friday nights at my church youth club. This year I have massively struggled with my faith, which I guess is understandable. My main ‘tool’ in coping definitely was my Church. I do honestly think of them as my second family. They are all so lovely and a special handful of them have been extremely supportive and for that I am extremely grateful.

I also achieved quite a lot this year:
* Got Head Girl at my Secondary School
* Came second in PVB's 'Writer of the Year'
*Conquered my fear of sleeping in the dark (for the past 15 years I have slept with a night light!)
*Sat my GCSE mocks and didn't fail a single one!
*Got the school award for History, ICT and RE
*Completed 'BLOGMAS' on my blog (blogging everyday was a big deal for me!)
*Got invited to my first few PR/Press release events to do with my blog
*I know it's not really an 'achievement' but I also was lucky enough to go to London, Paris and New York!

I thought it would be nice to recap a bit on my favourite memories from the year + photos! I love reflecting so this sort of post is right up my alley!

 I celebrated my 15th Birthday in January
This photo makes me laugh. What makes me laugh even more is the fact it was taken on valentines day. Oh and the double chin haha! 

Favourite girls at Em's birthday party. Excuse me stupid face haha! 
 Me and Becca in our TuTu's for the Swan Ballet in a show we performed at the Theatre

 Phillipa and me (Honk! The Musical)
In May I went to New York. This is a photo of me and my best friend Lauren in the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square! 
Toilet selfies with Lois and Emily in New York! 
 In London in July
Picnic outside Buckingham Palace with my bestie Becca

 Soul Survivor with my Church. This is a little vlog I made of my week there!

This was probably my favourite night of the WHOLE year! I went ice skating with all the youth from my local church and as you can see from the video we sung the whole way there on the minubus - that's not even an exaggeration!
This photo was taken after our church youth group Christmas meal. This group of people have been such a support to me this year and I loved celebrating Christmas and stuffing my face with them!

Have you done any reflection heading forward into 2014?

As someone once said to me:
"You cannot predict the future so you may as well understand the past"
I love this quite and reckon it will stick with me for a long time.

Head back here tomorrow to see '2014: Looking Forward'


  1. Aw sorry to hear about your parents divorce :( truth hurts once, lies hurt every time you hear it so at least it got out in the open I guess? Sorry probably a rubbish thing to say! I had a terrible year too, developed anxiety and depression thanks to school bullies. You'd think at 18/19 years of age girls would be less horrible and also you wouldn't expect to get bullied! Well i found out it happens even when you're 18! :P

    If you ever want someone to offload or chat to drop me an email at :) sometimes it's easier to talk to someone who isn't part of your real life.

    Much love girl, happy new year, i hope 2014 treats you well!! xo

    Amber x

    1. Hi Amber. What a lovely comment. So sorry to hear that - sounds like 2013 was rough for a lot of people. I will email you as soon as I am back from my holiday. What a lovely comment, it's amazing how someone reaching out, even if their a stranger can help so so much. As Lana Del Rey famously said "I believe in the kindess of strangers". Lots of love, support and new year cheer.

      Lucy xx