Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Body Shop coconut shimmer body butter

I love the Body Shop for many reasons. This Body Butter being one of them. IT IS AMAZING.
You need to rush out to the shops right now and buy this. 
I love the smell of coconut so this product is right up my alley. Luscious, luminescent and luscious are the three words that best sum this up. I'm pretty sure that I picked this up for around a fiver as well so it's luxurious + well priced = happy Lucy! 
One thing you shouldn't ignore is that this is a SHIMMER. I have seen allot of hate for this product online because of its shimmer. I just don't understand that though. If you don't like shimmer in a product - why oh why would you buy a shimmer body butter!? So my advice to you would be - only buy this product if you like shimmer. 
The scent to this perfect in my mind. It is not too overpowering yet the scent is definitely still there.
My only critique is that I find it slightly greasy. Not crazy greasy - but it is a little.
Overall I think this product is great value for money as the tub is so big I'm sure it will last me yonks!
What's your favourite Body Shop product?


  1. My fave Body Shop products are the chocomania body butter and the tea tree toner :) They do make some great products :)

    1. Ohh may have to try them! They do indeed! Thanks for commenting

      Lucy xx

  2. Omg I want to try - coconut + shimmer = I'm IN!