Monday, 18 November 2013

Guest post: How to organise a real life Downton weekend

It's no secret that I adore Downton Abbey. You only have to read through my tweets or take a look at some of my blog posts. 
(Remember this Downton Abbey inspired makeup look I did last month - Here)

Today I bring you a guest post from the lovely Catherine Lavinia - I hope you enjoy!

Downton Abbey has sashayed back into the nation’s living rooms, and after the somewhat tragic ending to the last Crawley escapade, the fifth series of ITV’s post-Edwardian blockbuster is already back in the news thanks to its dramatic plot twists. If you find yourself craving more Downtonian glamour than your Sunday night fix can provide, here are some choice pointers for anyone looking to go full-on and fabulous with their own Downton weekend.
Your very own Downton
First and foremost, find an appropriately posh setting. Unfortunately Highclere Castle where the series is filmed isn’t available for bookings, but if you want to take your theme seriously be sure to incorporate a day trip to a stately house or even an overnight stay. Alternatively, stay at home and add some period decorations to create a suitably aristocratic atmosphere, hide the tech, and dress the kitchen up with old fashioned pots and pans.
Dress to impress
Period attire is obviously a must, and thanks to Downton’s success it’s not hard to find costumes for hire. Choose a specially designed outfit and come as a duchess, cook or maid, or go for an elegant modern look that you can wear again by choosing from the lovely maxi dresses at
The glorious thing about Downton is that it’s not just about the stiff-lipped aristocrats – the downstairs staff like Anna and Mrs Patmore are just as important as Lady Mary. Play into this fun dynamic and give everyone a character before they arrive, with a prize for whoever pulls off the look and personality best. Alternatively, split everyone into upstairs and downstairs roles and have the servants obey the masters for the first day, before switching over the next morning! As the host you'll probably be the one serving, but if you'd rather play glamorous lady of the manor rather than a toiling maid, hire actors to be your very own Mr Carson or Elsie Hughes. 
Gather up some fellow fans, wiggle into a Downtonian dress and head off to a breathtaking stately home to enjoy living the life of a Crawley for one weekend only!

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