Saturday, 30 November 2013


I  like love Christmas. This may be an understatement. A HUGE understatement. I love it so much that I was watching Christmas films in August and look at my Christmas decorations box when I'm feeling down (blimey I sound like a right freak!)

It seemed fitting for me to do 'BLOGMAS' this year. If I'm completely honest I have never seen many bloggers doing this. Although one thing I'm sure of is that we all watch atleast one youtuber who does VLOGMAS. Christmas vlogs are my favourite youtube vids of all but since I am currently not posting on my Youtube channel I thought I would do this as an alternative instead. I have some really exciting posts coming up;
(THIS SCHEDULE MAY ALTER AT ANY TIME! It just gives you a rough idea!)

I hope a few of the posts on the list caught your eye!

We can countdown to Christmas together!

There will be a whole host of posts so I'm sure that there will be something to suit everyone.

So there you go - please feel free to tweet me (@lucy_a_bigail) with any comments/feedback on these posts.

I'm so so excited to be blogging everyday!

See you tomorrow for the first day of BLOGMAS!

PS - I have swapped 'VLOGMAS who to watch' with 'For Her gift guide' as I will be unaware of which youtubers are doing VLOGMAS untill after the 2nd December!


  1. I like this! A alot! I dont know if I can do it all the way trough but I am sure going to try!

    1. Aw I'm so glad to hear of others doing it too! Will take a look x