Friday, 29 November 2013

An Autumn's Walk!

A couple of weeks back my gorgeous friend Emily (Check out here blog here - came round and we went for a little walk to soak up the autumnyness (that should so be a word!)
Whilst out and about we took a few snaps.
I thought I would upload a few of the ones Emily and I think she will uploading the photos of her soon but I'm not too sure! 

I love autumn so much. The leaves, the rain, the cold - especially the fashion!
A few of these photos make me laugh - I'm really not a natural in front of the camera and usually end up pulling stupid faces. 

I thought I might as well do an OOTD as well as you can see my outfit pretty clearly within the first couple of photos. 

Playsuit - Primark
Leggings - New Look
Boots - Vintage
Cardigan - Matalan
Bag - Osprey 

I've been really enjoying layering, tights and winter boots lately. I honestly adore this time of year. It's just such a shame that my mocks are in December as I'm spending a lot of my time revising for them!

Lastly I thought I had to include this photo. Me and Emily thought we would try to go all tumblr girls and thrown leaves in the air and take pictures.....this was the result


*Die of embarrassment* 


  1. I love autumn walks. Especially with my little furry friend. I love your outfit :)
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

    1. Same! Aw bless haha, thankyou so much!

      Lucy <3

  2. This is so so cute love the photos xx