Saturday, 30 November 2013


I  like love Christmas. This may be an understatement. A HUGE understatement. I love it so much that I was watching Christmas films in August and look at my Christmas decorations box when I'm feeling down (blimey I sound like a right freak!)

It seemed fitting for me to do 'BLOGMAS' this year. If I'm completely honest I have never seen many bloggers doing this. Although one thing I'm sure of is that we all watch atleast one youtuber who does VLOGMAS. Christmas vlogs are my favourite youtube vids of all but since I am currently not posting on my Youtube channel I thought I would do this as an alternative instead. I have some really exciting posts coming up;
(THIS SCHEDULE MAY ALTER AT ANY TIME! It just gives you a rough idea!)

I hope a few of the posts on the list caught your eye!

We can countdown to Christmas together!

There will be a whole host of posts so I'm sure that there will be something to suit everyone.

So there you go - please feel free to tweet me (@lucy_a_bigail) with any comments/feedback on these posts.

I'm so so excited to be blogging everyday!

See you tomorrow for the first day of BLOGMAS!

PS - I have swapped 'VLOGMAS who to watch' with 'For Her gift guide' as I will be unaware of which youtubers are doing VLOGMAS untill after the 2nd December!

Lucy's Life: Stress stress stress stress.....

(Photo-weheartit a little motto I have been trying to live by lately)

I'm sorry if I've been a bit quiet lately. I am currently so stressed out ( did you not already know haha!)
Life is crazy at the moment. 
I have GCSE mocks, college application, controlled assessments, head girl duties and blogmas posts to write all happening at once. 
Although my blog has been a bit neglected this month have no fear, next month there will be posts everyday (crazy I know!)

I just wanted to update you all so that you didn't think I was sitting and reading a book or watching too much daytime telly. I would love to off blogged more this month but there's just not enough time in the day.

Hope you are all getting on well.


Friday, 29 November 2013

An Autumn's Walk!

A couple of weeks back my gorgeous friend Emily (Check out here blog here - came round and we went for a little walk to soak up the autumnyness (that should so be a word!)
Whilst out and about we took a few snaps.
I thought I would upload a few of the ones Emily and I think she will uploading the photos of her soon but I'm not too sure! 

I love autumn so much. The leaves, the rain, the cold - especially the fashion!
A few of these photos make me laugh - I'm really not a natural in front of the camera and usually end up pulling stupid faces. 

I thought I might as well do an OOTD as well as you can see my outfit pretty clearly within the first couple of photos. 

Playsuit - Primark
Leggings - New Look
Boots - Vintage
Cardigan - Matalan
Bag - Osprey 

I've been really enjoying layering, tights and winter boots lately. I honestly adore this time of year. It's just such a shame that my mocks are in December as I'm spending a lot of my time revising for them!

Lastly I thought I had to include this photo. Me and Emily thought we would try to go all tumblr girls and thrown leaves in the air and take pictures.....this was the result


*Die of embarrassment* 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Revlon colorstay 12 hour eye shadow 03 Pink Opal

I was given this by one of my Aunties a couple of months back. She bought it, and never really used it, so wanted to send it to a loving home!
It has since become without a doubt my ffavourite eyeshadow by far! Because of my age, I think it's a bit overkill to wear ridiculously bright eyeshadow all the time, so instead my go to eye makeup is a light brown smokey eye. This colour is a really pretty, shimmery
warm white tone, and is perfect for putting just above the tear duct of your eyes (is that what it's called!?)
I tend to wear this all over my inner lid, with brown in the outer. This colour looks so lovely on, doesn't crease and stays put for the majority of the day, even without using a primer!
I have been using this practically ever day for months now and have only just started to make a dent.
This packaging is very sturdy so I don't have to worry about it smashing whilst I carry it around in my makeup bag! Bonus!
I'm not sure how much this cost, or even if it is still sold (I sure hope so!)
If you know if this product is still sold or not please let me know!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Body Shop coconut shimmer body butter

I love the Body Shop for many reasons. This Body Butter being one of them. IT IS AMAZING.
You need to rush out to the shops right now and buy this. 
I love the smell of coconut so this product is right up my alley. Luscious, luminescent and luscious are the three words that best sum this up. I'm pretty sure that I picked this up for around a fiver as well so it's luxurious + well priced = happy Lucy! 
One thing you shouldn't ignore is that this is a SHIMMER. I have seen allot of hate for this product online because of its shimmer. I just don't understand that though. If you don't like shimmer in a product - why oh why would you buy a shimmer body butter!? So my advice to you would be - only buy this product if you like shimmer. 
The scent to this perfect in my mind. It is not too overpowering yet the scent is definitely still there.
My only critique is that I find it slightly greasy. Not crazy greasy - but it is a little.
Overall I think this product is great value for money as the tub is so big I'm sure it will last me yonks!
What's your favourite Body Shop product?

Monday, 18 November 2013

Guest post: How to organise a real life Downton weekend

It's no secret that I adore Downton Abbey. You only have to read through my tweets or take a look at some of my blog posts. 
(Remember this Downton Abbey inspired makeup look I did last month - Here)

Today I bring you a guest post from the lovely Catherine Lavinia - I hope you enjoy!

Downton Abbey has sashayed back into the nation’s living rooms, and after the somewhat tragic ending to the last Crawley escapade, the fifth series of ITV’s post-Edwardian blockbuster is already back in the news thanks to its dramatic plot twists. If you find yourself craving more Downtonian glamour than your Sunday night fix can provide, here are some choice pointers for anyone looking to go full-on and fabulous with their own Downton weekend.
Your very own Downton
First and foremost, find an appropriately posh setting. Unfortunately Highclere Castle where the series is filmed isn’t available for bookings, but if you want to take your theme seriously be sure to incorporate a day trip to a stately house or even an overnight stay. Alternatively, stay at home and add some period decorations to create a suitably aristocratic atmosphere, hide the tech, and dress the kitchen up with old fashioned pots and pans.
Dress to impress
Period attire is obviously a must, and thanks to Downton’s success it’s not hard to find costumes for hire. Choose a specially designed outfit and come as a duchess, cook or maid, or go for an elegant modern look that you can wear again by choosing from the lovely maxi dresses at
The glorious thing about Downton is that it’s not just about the stiff-lipped aristocrats – the downstairs staff like Anna and Mrs Patmore are just as important as Lady Mary. Play into this fun dynamic and give everyone a character before they arrive, with a prize for whoever pulls off the look and personality best. Alternatively, split everyone into upstairs and downstairs roles and have the servants obey the masters for the first day, before switching over the next morning! As the host you'll probably be the one serving, but if you'd rather play glamorous lady of the manor rather than a toiling maid, hire actors to be your very own Mr Carson or Elsie Hughes. 
Gather up some fellow fans, wiggle into a Downtonian dress and head off to a breathtaking stately home to enjoy living the life of a Crawley for one weekend only!

Friday, 15 November 2013

CUTICURA Passion Flower and Mango Hand Sanitiser

(Yes this is a slightly odd post but I'm just rolling with it today!)
I'm a bit of an OCD freak, and although I have never put it on my blog before due to embarrassment I will now...I suck my thumb *hides with shame*
Yes, yes I know I'm 15, time to grow up but it's a habit that I just can't break.
But anyway, if I'm going to suck my thumb, I at least want it to be clean.
That's where this sweet smelling bad boy comes in.
The majority of hand sanitisers smell like cucumber, and at first, this one does too.
But once it's properly rubbed in it smells exotic and fruity.
This is the Cuticura's anti bacterial hand gel in the scent  passion flower and mango.
It has the same texture and feel of any other hand gel, but the scent is so much better.
If you're a lover of scented things, this hand sanitiser is the one for you.
I'm pretty sure it cost around the £3 mark and it has lasted me ages!
Like most hand sanitisers there is one downfall - it takes gross. I don't think that will be a problem for everyone though as I can count on one hand the people I know who suck their thumb haha!
So there you go - you know my secret haha!
Do you use hand sanitiser?
It's a handbag staple for me!

Friday, 8 November 2013

Lucy's Life & OOTD: Wells Cathedral

Tights - Primark
Boots - Vintage 
Denim Skirt - Primark
Vestop - Primark
Cardigan - Matalan
Scarf - Boutique
Bag - Primark
(This outfit is my go-to one lately. It's comfortable, looks autumnal and it warm. Win, Win, Win!)

So a couple of days back I went to Wells for the afternoon. Wells is in Somerset and a mere 15 minute drive from Glastonbury (I'm 100% sure you will all know where that is!)

Wells is a truly beautiful town - in actual fact, it's a city....the smallest one in the country!

Ever watched Hot Fuzz? That was filmed in the wells! The church, pub - it was all in Wells! Everytime I walk through the square I feel like I'm about to get shot at from an old woman hanging out a window haha!

The houses are all so cute looking, the shops are adorable, there is an amazing bakery and well - just look at the cathedral! The Cathedral really is magnificent. I love going there as I find myself standing in awe looking up at the Abbey.

I am lucky enough to perform at the Cathedral every Christmas with my school and that is always so christmassy and magical!

Just round the corner from the Cathedral is somewhere called 'Vicar's Close'. The houses there have been there since 1363!! That is pretty phenomenal. The houses are lived in by the men who are in the Cathedral's Choir and their families. Walking down the street really is like being in a time warp!

I really recommend that if you're ever in the area you take a look at Wells. This tiny little city has a heck of a lot to offer!