Saturday, 26 October 2013

Wilko's Stationary Haul!

I have another haul for you today....woops!

I love Wilkinson's. They always have the best budget Christmas decorations, the best pic n mix and I always manage to pick up a bargain in there.

Wilko's have a really nice card/stationary section and on my last trip to Wilko's I managed to pick up a few goodies.
First up is this adorable Minnie Mouse pencil case. It cost £1.50 which I think is an absolute steal because I know that if you were to buy this from a disney store of disney land it would cost so so much more! I'm currently using it as a pencil case although when I go to Disneyland Paris this New Year I may use it as a makeup bag. It's a bit of an awkward shape but its just too cute.

Then I purchased two things to help fuel my letter writing addiction. A pack of plain but cute brown envelopes and some really nice quality writing paper. I think both of these were either 50/55p each so they really are fab for those little moments when you just want to put pen to paper!

So bit of an odd haul but I thought this might be interesting to some of you nosy folk out there!

Have a good week,


  1. that pencil case is actually the cutest thing! home bargains have some super cute stuff in at the moment aswell, just thought i'd let you know xx

    1. It is totally cute right! I have never even heard of home bargains - will have a look into it. Thanks!xx