Thursday, 3 October 2013

Victoria's Secret - Pocket Mirror

A couple of weeks ago I went to London shopping for the day and went to a few shops I don't normally get the chance to visit, and Victoria's Secret was one of them.
I pretty sure it's near Oxford Street, and boy what a beautiful shop it is! Inside the decor is so unique and it has a real lovely ora about it. The staff are lovely too! Very helpful and not snooty at all!
I couldn't help but buy something.
I bought some knickers (not putting photos of  them onto the big wide web tho!) and this little compact mirror.
It cost £6 which I know is a bit steep for a mirror, but oh well...everyone deserves a little luxury every once in a while. The pink glitter is so sparkly (well done for stating the obvious there Lucy!) and it has a plastic cover over it, so that the glitter doesn't drop of.
It opens and closes with a magnet and has 2 panels.
It is a good size, not to big nor small.
Overall a lovely little mirror.
Have you been to Victoria's Secret in London?
Did you pick up anything nice?

Ps - I may be away for a short while as my laptop is going to the menders - sorrrrrry!

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