Monday, 28 October 2013

Say Hello to Emily May

Today is quite an exciting post for you all.

So if you went to the Bristol Bloggers meetup at Frankies and Bennies back in February you probably will of met Emily. She kindly came along with me as I was a little nervous about going by myself.
Emily has always been quite curious about my blog and has recently decided to create her own. Her blog is quite different to mine and is a lot more lifestyle/advice/personal experience based.

I just really wanted to let you all know about Emily's blog and encourage you all to go and have a look at it!

The link is -

Please take some time to check it out, follow it and maybe even comment or tweet her some feedback?

Her twitter name is; @em_ily_may

Emily will be attending the meetup in Bristol that me and Michelle are organizing so that's exciting!!

We have lots of posts planned together for the future so keep your eyes peeled for them!

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