Saturday, 12 October 2013

Essential extracts coconut milk cream bath

Ok, I admit it...I'm a bit of a bath lover.
After coming home from school on a wet miserable day I like nothing more than getting into a steaming hot, bubbly bath, with candles all around me. I then normally proceed in putting a towel over the toilet seat, putting my laptop ontop and then I can watch movies in the bath, woo!
I have built up quite a shamefull collection of bubble baths, and can't resist buying them whenever I find a sweet smelling one. 
I picked this one up from Marks and Sparks last week for the small price of £1.
500ml for £1 is quite the bargain, plus it is one of my favourite scents ever, coconut!
It makes loads of bubbles, and doesn't leave you feeling sticky after getting out the bath.
The scent isn't too strong once poured into the bath, but that's propably because I have the bath so deep.
Overall, considering this cost £1, this is a good budget product to pamper yourself with.