Saturday, 7 September 2013

My addiction: Pinterest!

Many things on the internet are addictive. Youtbube, blogs, twitter, facebook - the list goes on and on. My main weakness has to be pinterest. Yes, yes how predictable.

I love this site so so much. It simply does what it says on the tin so well. It enables me to have a sorted and well organised visual moodboard that I can access wherever I am (aslong as I have wifi!) and can update and make changes to it whenever I see fit.

Everything you could ever wish for is on Pinterest; Christmas decor ideas, summer drink recipes, party invites inspiration, photography ideas - you name it and I'm pretty sure I can find it on Pinterest.

I couldn't even tell you how long I spend on there, browsing through all the pretty pictures, 'cooing' and getting all excited by them as an array of ideas float into my head.

If you are ever doing anything that is creative and are stuck for inspiration - PINTEREST IS THE PLACE TO GO!

I currently only have a few boards: 
* DIY craft projects
* Things that make me smile
* Christmas
* Christmas gifts
* Photography ideas
* Children
* Fancy Dress
* Home decor and Children
* Eco
* Desperate Housewives

That list makes me look like a bit of a freak but if I'm completely honest it reflects me so truly. A Christmas junkie with an obsessive love for Desperate Housewives - I'm completely sane I swear!

Basically the point of this post is just to say if you don't have Pinterest.....GET IT RIGHT NOW!

If you wish to have a little nosy around my Pinterest boards my link is 

Do you have Pinterest? What's your favourite thing to search for? Mine has to be Christmas - I spend hours trawling through festive photos!

Happy Pinning!

PS - I don't want to be blamed for starting an addiction, pin carefully!

PPS - expect alot of Pinterest photo posts in the future, I love to coo over them!


  1. I caved in and got Pintrest the other day and I agree it is totally addictive! I love your boards :)


    The Shelley Diaries // PINTREST

  2. It is so good right!? It is soo addictive - thankyou! xx