Thursday, 19 September 2013

Lucy's London Fashion Week: Mulberry SS14

Mulberry is a brand I adore, partly because it's so close to home.
The original factory for Mulberry (a tiny little cottage that has grown into a rather average size factory that's still running today) is less than 15 minutes away from my home.
Infact, the tea rooms where I used to work used to do the lunchen for all of Mulberry top dogs when they came down for their weekly meeting in Somerset...pretty poor claim to fame haha!

I was so excited to watch the live stream for Mulberry because AW13 set the bar pretty high as I thoroughly enjoyed that earlier in the year.

I loved that Cara opened the show. There is something reassuring about her face and I knew from the miniute she stepped onto the walkway that this was going to be a show I enjoyed!
The collection was inspired by sixties London and the quintessential English country house.

Within the show there were a whole lot of panels, clutches, chunky platfroms, envelope clutches, double sided bays (SO COOL!) and best of all - DOGS!

There's not denying that the bags stole the show. Mulberry's classic bags were re-vamped with floral so that they were fitting for spring. I especially need that Orange Kenzo bag IN MY LIFE NOW, RIGHT NOW!

The fact that Cara opened the show and then closed it in white was divine. There were modern florals, a lot of culorres, a hint of leather and subtle stripes.
The clean white embossing with beautiful and the delicate sequins were exquisite.

If I'm completely honest I thought that the AW13 collection was better but I guess I'm buyest as Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons for fashion!

Overall and incredible last show for Emma Hill!

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  1. Great post! Mulberry is one of my favourite british designers too!