Monday, 16 September 2013

Lucy's London Fashion Week: Holly Fulton SS14

Have any of you heard of a little thing called 'London Fashion Week'? No, didn't think you would off!
Who am I kidding, everyone seems to have been watching the live stream of LFW this weekend or at the very least tweeting about it. I don't know about you but watching it live dazzles me a bit. It all happens so quickly and I feel like if you blink you'll miss it. I love watching the live stream to get a sense of the atmosphere and other minor details but I really like to go back after wards and have a proper look at all the looks!

I thought over the next few days I would do a 'Lucy's London Fashion Week' series and do a round up style blog post from some of my favourite shows.

So here is instalment number uno.

Holly Fulton SS14

An outfit made from cork, purple eyeshadow and prints. I can only be talking about one show this season, yes - Holly Fulton.

The Scottish designer's collection was very much 70's inspired with a contemporary twist. During the show we saw manipulations of cork, denim applique work and my favourite - daisy detailing.
There were also many of Holly's signature, attention grabbing prints and subtle material contrasts the whole way through. There were many fan motif's during the collection, giving the dresses personality and interest. One of my favourite things from the show was the amazing pattern cutting that meant that many of the bodice's were actually worked into the shape of the dress.
I really liked that orange was one of the predominant colours as it contrasted nicely with the denim that was seen throughout. There was such a vast range of textures throughout the show that it really was a spectacle for the eyes.

I couldn't pick a favourite look but I do have two favourite pieces from the collection. I adore the '77' jumper and need it in my wardrobe now. It looks so afternoon tea and I wish I could see the detailing on it close up. Also, I ADORE the weaved orange and lilac top (picture 2). I am currently designing my GCSE textile piece which I have to make a was planning on doing a similar technique with crisp packets so this look grabbed my attention from the get go!

Overall Roundup:

Colours: Orange and Lilac
Hair: on one side
Shoes: Anke strapped sandals
Lips: Nude lip gloss
Eyes:  A high lilac arch
Techniques: denim applique and weaving

What was your favourite look in the show? Would you ever wear a makeup look like that?

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