Sunday, 22 September 2013

Downton Abbey inspired makeup look!

I am a huge Downton Abbey fan. I absolutely love it. Infact, it is probably one of my favourite TV shows, EVER! Myself and my mum were actually pretty late on to this craze. We bought the series 1 & 2 boxset around the middle of last year and became hooked. We watched season one and adored it, so carried on watching it right up until the colossal cliff-hanger episode that was aired last Christmas. When it first aired I thought that the new season would probably start in the early spring or at the very latest summer. I had no idea that all of us Downton fans out there would be left waiting till September before we could get our dose of Downton. I am so excited for it to start again, even though I’m still annoyed that they killed off my favourite character Sybil L

I thought it would be fitting to do a Downton makeup look on this fine Sunday morning. I based it on Lady Mary’s makeup, which is basically a pale face with flawless skin, a tiny hint of blush in the cheeks, strong brows, cranberry brown eyeshadow and a tint of red on the lips.
This makeup look isn’t exact as sadly the lightest foundation I own is still pretty orange (curse you MUA!) but it is inspired. Once you have added the hair, earings and clothing I think it is pretty obvious what era of look I am going for. Without further ado – enjoy!
I used a lot of products that I tend to never use so that was nice!
I used;
- MUA 'porcelain' foundation
- Natural Collection Mocha eyeshadow due
- Sleek Storm palette
- No7 mascara
- Virgin Vie liquid blush
- Virgin Vie light pink eyeshadow
- Real Technique brushes

The look didn't turn out exactly how I had planned because the foundation had a very prominent orange undertone which was a bit annoying but hey ho.
So there it is, my slight resemblance of a Downton 'look'.
You can bet your life that I will be sat on my sofa with eyes fixed on the TV tonight at 9pm.
Do you like Downton? Who's your favourite character?

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