Sunday, 29 September 2013

Superdrug Simply Pure spot clearing gel

This stuff is amazing. Literally, the best treatment for spots I have ever used. I saw this in Superdrug a couple of months back, and after trying some of Superdrug’s simply pure range before, I couldn't wait to try the new Spot treatment simply pure products. All the products in the range were discounted for a special introductory offer so I picked up this spot clearing gel, then went back a couple of days later and bought the face wash too!
On the tube it claims that you will see visible results within four hours. I normally shrug things like this of, thinking it's just a wild claim trying to draw people into buying it but this really is true!
You apply a tiny amount onto the spot...and then the magic happens!
Sometimes, once applying the product it can sting a little, but I just tell myself its the product working (It is right!?)
A big thumbs up about this product is that it doesn't smell too strong, and isn't sticky either. Once applied to spots, it looks and feels just like a moisturiser.
You get a heck of a lot of product in a tube. I have been using this for about two months, pretty much every day, and still have hardly made a dent in it!
This cost me £1.60, and although this was on special offer I'm positive it doesn't cost more than three British pounds, bargain!
So overall, Superdrug have bought ought a night time beauty must for me, that I'm sure will help me out in many spot crisis's to come, I'm a teenager after all!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Boots, Body Shop and Superdrug Haul! + FREE HANDCREAM

I went shopping today and bought a few little things. I took advantage of the buy one get the second half price offer in Boots and picked up Baby Lips - FINALLY!

Baby Lips - Hydrate
I decided to get it in 'hydrate' as I thought that I would then be able to wear it to school aswell. 
I'm pretty impressed with it right now, the only thing I don't like is that the packaging feels a bit flimsy but overall for the price of £2.99 one cannot argue.

MUA lipstick shade 1
I have been after a proper autumnal lipstick for yonks. Problem is though, I never have the guts to wear lipstick out. I just find it so bold and scary but that's a whole other post in itself. But that is the reason behind why I was so pleased to snap this one up for £1. If I never realy wear it, I only spent a pound on it so It's a good 'starter' lipstick.

Sinful Colours Nail Varnish - 'Fig'
I have recently fallen in love with Sinful Colours, even though I do despise the name. They have such a glorious selection of colours, come in huge 'pots' and are only £1.99. Yes you heard me right! And after you add this to the Baby Lips that makes this nail varnish only a pound thanks to Boots 'buy one get second half price' offer. I bought this nail varnish in the shade 'fig'. It's a really lovely shimmery autumnal purple and I cannot wait to paint my toe nails with it!

Wild Rose Hand Cream
I got this hand cream (£5 from Body Shop) for 00000000p. It cost me nothing, zero, naught. This is all thanks to El from a Thrifty Mrs. I spotted this blogpost whilst browsing through my bloglovin feed and was intrigued. Some people are magpies to sparkly things. I am a magpie for deals and offers.
I simply followed the link to voucher codes from her post, printed off the voucher, presented it at the till in my local Body Shop and hey presto - a free handcream!
My sister didn't even bother to print it off. She just followed the link via her phone and showed the lovely lady at the till her code and it worked as easy as that! If you wish to snap up your free hand cream (runs out september 29th) then follow this link to El's post!

Have you guys been shopping lately? Link me up if you have done a haul post/video!
Ps. I have a Primark Haul coming soon!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Downton Abbey inspired makeup look!

I am a huge Downton Abbey fan. I absolutely love it. Infact, it is probably one of my favourite TV shows, EVER! Myself and my mum were actually pretty late on to this craze. We bought the series 1 & 2 boxset around the middle of last year and became hooked. We watched season one and adored it, so carried on watching it right up until the colossal cliff-hanger episode that was aired last Christmas. When it first aired I thought that the new season would probably start in the early spring or at the very latest summer. I had no idea that all of us Downton fans out there would be left waiting till September before we could get our dose of Downton. I am so excited for it to start again, even though I’m still annoyed that they killed off my favourite character Sybil L

I thought it would be fitting to do a Downton makeup look on this fine Sunday morning. I based it on Lady Mary’s makeup, which is basically a pale face with flawless skin, a tiny hint of blush in the cheeks, strong brows, cranberry brown eyeshadow and a tint of red on the lips.
This makeup look isn’t exact as sadly the lightest foundation I own is still pretty orange (curse you MUA!) but it is inspired. Once you have added the hair, earings and clothing I think it is pretty obvious what era of look I am going for. Without further ado – enjoy!
I used a lot of products that I tend to never use so that was nice!
I used;
- MUA 'porcelain' foundation
- Natural Collection Mocha eyeshadow due
- Sleek Storm palette
- No7 mascara
- Virgin Vie liquid blush
- Virgin Vie light pink eyeshadow
- Real Technique brushes

The look didn't turn out exactly how I had planned because the foundation had a very prominent orange undertone which was a bit annoying but hey ho.
So there it is, my slight resemblance of a Downton 'look'.
You can bet your life that I will be sat on my sofa with eyes fixed on the TV tonight at 9pm.
Do you like Downton? Who's your favourite character?

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Lucy's London Fashion Week: Mulberry SS14

Mulberry is a brand I adore, partly because it's so close to home.
The original factory for Mulberry (a tiny little cottage that has grown into a rather average size factory that's still running today) is less than 15 minutes away from my home.
Infact, the tea rooms where I used to work used to do the lunchen for all of Mulberry top dogs when they came down for their weekly meeting in Somerset...pretty poor claim to fame haha!

I was so excited to watch the live stream for Mulberry because AW13 set the bar pretty high as I thoroughly enjoyed that earlier in the year.

I loved that Cara opened the show. There is something reassuring about her face and I knew from the miniute she stepped onto the walkway that this was going to be a show I enjoyed!
The collection was inspired by sixties London and the quintessential English country house.

Within the show there were a whole lot of panels, clutches, chunky platfroms, envelope clutches, double sided bays (SO COOL!) and best of all - DOGS!

There's not denying that the bags stole the show. Mulberry's classic bags were re-vamped with floral so that they were fitting for spring. I especially need that Orange Kenzo bag IN MY LIFE NOW, RIGHT NOW!

The fact that Cara opened the show and then closed it in white was divine. There were modern florals, a lot of culorres, a hint of leather and subtle stripes.
The clean white embossing with beautiful and the delicate sequins were exquisite.

If I'm completely honest I thought that the AW13 collection was better but I guess I'm buyest as Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons for fashion!

Overall and incredible last show for Emma Hill!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Lucy's London Fashion Week: Manolo Blahnik SS14

Ever since seeing my first pair of Manolo Blahnik's on 'Sex and the City' I have been in love with the brand and have lusted after owning a pair (one day!!)
I was so excited when I first got to watch the video of the collection. I didn't really know what to expect. Classic, classic with a twsit, crazy shoes, boring shoes - I didn't really things for sure though - I wasn't disappointed!
The shoes are works of art. The each are a masterpiece and are absolutely stunning. I have two favourite pairs - the orange ones in the second to last photo and the green and white ones in the last photo. The bottom ones just remind me of Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer night's dream' so much and they remind me of a fairytale.
I'm so pleased that Blahnik has finally jumped on the LFW bandwagon (or should I say carriage)
The designer has always loved films so decided to unveil his 'spring/summer 14' collection through moving pictures. I actually really enjoyed the video. At first I thought it was a bit odd but once is got into the swing I really enjoyed its uniqueness. 
"I wanted it to have that feeling of elegance and sophistication that that period gave to the world," he explained. "It's about jealousy, but mainly the cultural richness that came with that time. Everyone was extreme, which I love."
So overall this collection sweeps you off your feet and drops you into a fantasy world far far away from here.....haha!
Did you like the film? Which were your favourite pair from the collection?

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Lucy's London Fashion Week: House of Holland SS14

House of Holland
This may be one of my favourite shows this season...I just loved it. The background, the clothes, the makeup, the hair - I would give it a 10/10 if it wasn't for that flatcap!
Within the show there was an array of sweet laces, shimmering metallic and to die for prints! The colours within the collection make me melt into a little pool of happiness - I MEAN HOW 60'S HAIRSPRAY IS THAT THIRD PICTURE!?

Another thing that made me squel with excitement whilst watching the show (not live because of my pooey slow computer) was that there was caping!
I adore this trend, so much so that I did a blog post on it not too long ago (here) 
It just screams 'I KNOW FASHION' and oozes confidence. I plan to replicate the 2nd look some time - anyone want to lend me some guts and confidence?

According to House of Holland:
" the collection was inspired by chola girl gangs in '90s LA & wanted the idea to reflect Mexico City of today."

Overall Roundup:
Colours: pink, orange. purple and blue
Hair: half up half down style
Shoes: heels
Lips: Nude lip gloss
Eyes:  Christmas pink

What was your favourite look from this collection?

Monday, 16 September 2013

Lucy's London Fashion Week: Holly Fulton SS14

Have any of you heard of a little thing called 'London Fashion Week'? No, didn't think you would off!
Who am I kidding, everyone seems to have been watching the live stream of LFW this weekend or at the very least tweeting about it. I don't know about you but watching it live dazzles me a bit. It all happens so quickly and I feel like if you blink you'll miss it. I love watching the live stream to get a sense of the atmosphere and other minor details but I really like to go back after wards and have a proper look at all the looks!

I thought over the next few days I would do a 'Lucy's London Fashion Week' series and do a round up style blog post from some of my favourite shows.

So here is instalment number uno.

Holly Fulton SS14

An outfit made from cork, purple eyeshadow and prints. I can only be talking about one show this season, yes - Holly Fulton.

The Scottish designer's collection was very much 70's inspired with a contemporary twist. During the show we saw manipulations of cork, denim applique work and my favourite - daisy detailing.
There were also many of Holly's signature, attention grabbing prints and subtle material contrasts the whole way through. There were many fan motif's during the collection, giving the dresses personality and interest. One of my favourite things from the show was the amazing pattern cutting that meant that many of the bodice's were actually worked into the shape of the dress.
I really liked that orange was one of the predominant colours as it contrasted nicely with the denim that was seen throughout. There was such a vast range of textures throughout the show that it really was a spectacle for the eyes.

I couldn't pick a favourite look but I do have two favourite pieces from the collection. I adore the '77' jumper and need it in my wardrobe now. It looks so afternoon tea and I wish I could see the detailing on it close up. Also, I ADORE the weaved orange and lilac top (picture 2). I am currently designing my GCSE textile piece which I have to make a was planning on doing a similar technique with crisp packets so this look grabbed my attention from the get go!

Overall Roundup:

Colours: Orange and Lilac
Hair: on one side
Shoes: Anke strapped sandals
Lips: Nude lip gloss
Eyes:  A high lilac arch
Techniques: denim applique and weaving

What was your favourite look in the show? Would you ever wear a makeup look like that?