Sunday, 28 July 2013

New Youtube Videos!

I have mentioned it on my blog once before, but in case you didn't already know - I HAVE YOUTUBE!
As I haven't got a post prepared for today I thought I would let you all know that I have recently put a few new videos up on my barely a month old YT! 
Here's the link if you're interested! If you enjoy the videos I have up and want to see more please subscribe!
Lots of love!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Why I love my hair!

I take a lot of things for granted on a daily basis; the fact that I have access to clean water on tap, a bed to sleep in....these are the things we generally think of when were hear the phrase 'take for granted'.

I wanted to take a bit of time to appreciate something completely different today, but something that I think we all need to appreciate more...our luscious locks.

As much as I get annoyed at my hair sometimes ( yes I'm talking about how it never goes right on special occasions!) I still love it for many reasons:
* When I'm having a bit of a spotty day and aren't feeling as confident as I usually am my hair always seems to understand my pain and make sure that it's looking it's best to give my confidence a little boost!
*I love the versatility it gives me.
* I can look Lana Del Rey esque one day and like Anna Wintour the next (well, not quite)
* I have so much fun styling it! 
Even though I am forever burning my thumb whilst curling it, I love how the possibilities with my hair are endless. I can use such an array of tools on it; rollers, sleep in rollers, heated roller, curling tongs, straighteners, hairdryers ect ect! 
* Even though I have dyed and bleached it, it still looks and feels silky soft!
* I love how creative I can be with just my hair and a hairband! Fishtail plaits, french plaits, buns, high ponytails, braids and loads of other crazy things!
* It makes me smile - need I say anymore!?
* Not only can I put my hair in different hairstyles - but I can then put accessories in it! Dolly Bows, floral crowns, flower, headbands, Alice bands and so much more! 
* I think we should all apreaciate our hair because so many people don't. People who are having cancer treatment and no longer have their hair, people in other countries who have to sell their hair for money...sadly the list goes on.
* It sounds naff and shallow - but you honestly can tell so much about people from their hair. Slightly unsure weather I think that's a good think or a bad thing! 

So that's my list of reasons why I love my hair. Let me know if you have any that I didn't put on the list - I'm intrigued to know! 
Also - I am currently looking to get some hair extensions but am still considering wheather or not I want to spend quite a sum of money (I'm on a teenagers budget!) on them. While I have been trawling for sites that sell them I can across 'Best Buy Hair' which is an online shop majoring in hair care products. I found their site easy to navigate round and they ship worldwide. Here's the link if any of you are interested - feel free to click here and have a nosy round their site!

Stay hydrated in this heat and don't forget to thank your hair! 

Friday, 5 July 2013

My most exciting post ever....I'M ON YOUTUBE!

I took the leap. I made the decision. 
I have been wanting to join the youtube community for years - and I'm honestly not just saying that.
I have always been so worried about people from school finding out about my channel if I was to start one but recently I have been going through a bit of a down stage and need something to focus my energy on. 
To be honest - why shouldn't I start youtube!? I'm not going to let some small minded bitchy girls in secondary school stop me from doing something I enjoy and that's the end of that.

I am bursting with video ideas and already have two up to show you! I really hope you enjoy them and will support me as my channel grows. If you like what you see please subscribe - and if you don't, subscribe too as I'm going to have a very diverse range of videos up so there should be something for everyone!

Let me know by twitter/video comments or comment on this post if you have any video requests for me!

Happy watching!