Saturday, 29 June 2013

Zara Office City bag

I have jumped on the badwagon. I have caved. I am a shopaholic. 
Yes, yes...I'm sure you have all seen this bag many many times, but let me tell you something - it looks even more beautiful in person. (Did I just refer to a bag as a person haha!?) 
I bought this bag as lugging folders, textbooks, workbooks and loads more stuff round school can be quite a juggling act. This bag is the answer to all my problems though! It holds folders, laptops, ipads and everything but the kitchen sink - perfect for me! 
The price is a heck of a lot for an unemployed teenager (5 months pocket money to be exact haha!) but whats a girl to do? 
This bag is flawless, all apart from the zip which is a right pain. The zips are really stiff and get stuck so easily. I hope that with a bit of use they will ease up a bit.  
Last year was the turn of the fake studded Roco bag and this year it's this beauty from Zara.
What's your opinion on this bag....too big for you or just right?

ps: I have a what's in my bag post coming very soon so keep your eyes out for that! 


  1. I want this bag so much :( haha
    Natalie xx

  2. I have an addiction to handbags! I recently had to do a strict clear out and gave loads to charity as I was moving flat - but now I'm going to use it as an excuse to buy new handbags! Love this one, and Zara has to be one of my fave shops :-) KB xx

  3. This bag is gorgeous! I'm so jealous you got it haha xx

  4. Love it! Its just right for me especially when going to the office. I'll def check on this...

  5. I love this bag !
    I need it but I have far to many bags