Wednesday, 5 June 2013

New shoes for New York!

If you follow me on twitter (@lucy_a_bigail) and read my blog then you will probably already know that something VERY exciting happened to me in May half term! I went to NEW YORK!
If you look back at a few of my OOTD posts, you will realize that apart from heels, pretty much the only pair of shoes I own are my brown winter boots. These may be perfect for New York, but I wanted to have an alternative just in case it was heatwave weather (a girl can dream eh?)
I decided to buy these shoes as Clarks is a brand I trust very much. My local town is actually the hometown of Clarks, and their factory and shopping centre is there! 
I also decided to go for these shoes because they promise to be 'cushion soft'.
I bought two pairs, as you can see. They are both in the exact same size and therefore left me quite confused. The black shoes feel like wearing slippers. They are ridiculously comfy and I could wear them all day, everyday! The nude ones on the other hand KILL MY FEET! By the end of day one in New York my feet were covered in blisters and.....yep...blood! I was so disappointed as looks wise I prefer the nude!
I think I may just need to wear them in more....but how come the black ones have felt comfy from day one!?
Clarks - you have both confused me and let me down!
Has anything like this ever happened to you before?


  1. nice flats

  2. I love New York! Clarks have the best shoes and they're SO comfy! X