Saturday, 22 June 2013

MUA waterproof liquid eyeliner

When it comes to liquid eyeliner I usually stick to Collection 2000's. It's one on my holy grail products. Yet, whilst in Superdrug the other day, I think it was three for two or something like that on MUA products so I picked up MUA liquid waterproof eyeliner!

For £1, no girl can argue with this, or feel guilty at purchasing it. (Yipee!)
This comes in the waterproof version and a non waterproof version.
I use this product along my lower lash line and if I'm totally honest it doesn't last all day. But then again, for the price, I wouldn't expect it too. The eyeliner tends to crumble after 3 ish hours but as long as you re-apply it, it really does work a treat!
I always worry that if I buy waterproof makeup, the makeup remover I use won't do the job but that is not the case. The eyeliner came of with a variety of makeup removers that I used.
The application brush isn't that great. It does enable you to vary the thickness but it isn't particularly soft. You need to do a couple of coats to get an opaque
finish but overall for the price I am extremely impressed.
Definitely will be re-purchasing!  

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  1. These look quite good. I don't normally wear liquid liner, but this I might have to give it a shot! :) xx