Saturday, 29 June 2013

Zara Office City bag

I have jumped on the badwagon. I have caved. I am a shopaholic. 
Yes, yes...I'm sure you have all seen this bag many many times, but let me tell you something - it looks even more beautiful in person. (Did I just refer to a bag as a person haha!?) 
I bought this bag as lugging folders, textbooks, workbooks and loads more stuff round school can be quite a juggling act. This bag is the answer to all my problems though! It holds folders, laptops, ipads and everything but the kitchen sink - perfect for me! 
The price is a heck of a lot for an unemployed teenager (5 months pocket money to be exact haha!) but whats a girl to do? 
This bag is flawless, all apart from the zip which is a right pain. The zips are really stiff and get stuck so easily. I hope that with a bit of use they will ease up a bit.  
Last year was the turn of the fake studded Roco bag and this year it's this beauty from Zara.
What's your opinion on this bag....too big for you or just right?

ps: I have a what's in my bag post coming very soon so keep your eyes out for that! 

Saturday, 22 June 2013

MUA waterproof liquid eyeliner

When it comes to liquid eyeliner I usually stick to Collection 2000's. It's one on my holy grail products. Yet, whilst in Superdrug the other day, I think it was three for two or something like that on MUA products so I picked up MUA liquid waterproof eyeliner!

For £1, no girl can argue with this, or feel guilty at purchasing it. (Yipee!)
This comes in the waterproof version and a non waterproof version.
I use this product along my lower lash line and if I'm totally honest it doesn't last all day. But then again, for the price, I wouldn't expect it too. The eyeliner tends to crumble after 3 ish hours but as long as you re-apply it, it really does work a treat!
I always worry that if I buy waterproof makeup, the makeup remover I use won't do the job but that is not the case. The eyeliner came of with a variety of makeup removers that I used.
The application brush isn't that great. It does enable you to vary the thickness but it isn't particularly soft. You need to do a couple of coats to get an opaque
finish but overall for the price I am extremely impressed.
Definitely will be re-purchasing!  

Thursday, 20 June 2013


Jacket’s as capes; the debate.
I love this trend, completely and utterly love it. And although it’s a bit like marmite, unless you have been living under a rock during fashion week I’m sure you will have seen hoards of people wearing their jackets as capes. This trend has the amazing power to totally transform a person into looking nonchalant, and I’m eager to hear what you all think of it!
Although this trend may look laid back, pulling off ‘caping’ is easier said than done. Just from looking at how people have styled this trend, it is clear to see that clutch bags work best – for obvious reasons. Trying to hang the strap of your tote bag on your shoulder becomes a challenge. A challenge that you are more than likely going to lose. Instead, embrace your clutch bag! Also, since capes in general aren't the most shape flattering things to wear, balance this out by wearing fitted legwear to give a good proportion to your body.
Finally, don’t expect to get loads of compliments. Like I said in the beginning, this craze is like Rylan, modern art and adverts. You either love it or hate it. Some people just won’t like it or won’t get it.
But as long as you feel good carry your head high!
What are your thoughts on ‘caping’?

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Trip to the park + OOTD

 Me and my brother Thomas - he doesn't look impressed!
 Me and Auntie Karen
 Me, Auntie Karen and Mum

 Tom having a go on the drums

Mum hasn't quite got the hang of the focus yet!

Top - Zara
Blazer - New Look
Trousers -Next
Shoes - Next
''Love'' bracelet - NYC Forver21
Watch - car booty
Bag - Primark
Leather wristband - Harrods

Today I have a lovely day. I went to a event at a local park. There were things like raffles, car boot sales, country and maypole dancing, icecream vans and bouncy castles. It was a very British affair!
My Auntie Karen, Mum and brother Thomas came along too. I actually managed to snap up a few bargains, even managing to find a hat for a wedding I have coming up (blogpost in the future!)
All in all a good day out. Mum very kindly took some OOTD photos for me. There nothing compared to most of you camera whizz kids but it's better than nothing, eh? I bought these trousers three years ago, they were big for me and I never had the guts to wear them. Mum found while having a little tidy up back along and I was so pleased she did. I like this outfit a lot, I felt very chic in it!
Did you lovely lot get up to anything nice this weekend?

Ps. There's still time to vote for me in the 'Posh fashion awards' for best young blogger! The link is at the top of my blog! Please let me know if you nominate me so I can thank you personally!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

I am blessed

We all go through good times and bad times in life.
I'm currently very happy to say that I am at a good stage in my life.
I have the most amazing group of friends anyone could wish for, I have a whole host of new exciting responsibilities and challenges open to me, I have summer to look forward to so many more exciting things coming up! 
I'm not rubbing my happiness in anyone's face, but personally I love hearing when others, be it bloggers, family or friends are at a good point in their life.So there you go, I have probably jinxed the situation but I'm going to enjoy the moment because we never know what's around the corner!
Lots of love and well wishes,

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

New shoes for New York!

If you follow me on twitter (@lucy_a_bigail) and read my blog then you will probably already know that something VERY exciting happened to me in May half term! I went to NEW YORK!
If you look back at a few of my OOTD posts, you will realize that apart from heels, pretty much the only pair of shoes I own are my brown winter boots. These may be perfect for New York, but I wanted to have an alternative just in case it was heatwave weather (a girl can dream eh?)
I decided to buy these shoes as Clarks is a brand I trust very much. My local town is actually the hometown of Clarks, and their factory and shopping centre is there! 
I also decided to go for these shoes because they promise to be 'cushion soft'.
I bought two pairs, as you can see. They are both in the exact same size and therefore left me quite confused. The black shoes feel like wearing slippers. They are ridiculously comfy and I could wear them all day, everyday! The nude ones on the other hand KILL MY FEET! By the end of day one in New York my feet were covered in blisters and.....yep...blood! I was so disappointed as looks wise I prefer the nude!
I think I may just need to wear them in more....but how come the black ones have felt comfy from day one!?
Clarks - you have both confused me and let me down!
Has anything like this ever happened to you before?

Posh Fashion Awards

As some of you may be aware, the lovely Tolly from Tolly Dolly Posh has started up her own blog awards to help give smaller blogs a bit of spotlight. I think this is an amazing idea and think as many people as possible should take part!
I just wished to let you all know that if any of you want to and think I deserve it I would be really appreciative if you could nominate me for the 'Best Young Blogger' category. If you do so comment or tweet me letting me know so I can thank you personally!
If you don't wish to vote for me....don't! I know there are some amazing teenage bloggers out there so picking who to nominate may be tricky! 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I'm back: New York pictures

 Me and my best friend Lauren in our glad rags
 classic toilet selfie
 Me and Lauren
 Me and Lois pulling funny faces to Ellie and Emily in the other carriage!
 Ready for Broadway!
 Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square

 pretending I'm from Queens
 Empire State
 Me and Emily

 The Freedom Tower


 In Grand Central Station

 this photo makes me laugh
I was lucky enough to go on a school trip to the Big Apple over May half term. 
It was a great week packed to the brim with exciting things!
We were so so busy that we didn't even have time to register how tired we were. 
I don't really want to go into mountains of detail about the trip, as I have a vlog style video of it which I may put on the blog if you want me to - let me know if you do?
I hope you enjoyed having a little look at these pictures and that you all had a great May half term.