Wednesday, 1 May 2013

50 Facts about a Teenage Fashion Blogger

ps. Right now, while you're reading this I'm  camping at Badminton Horse Trials, so if you need anything urgently answered my twitter is @lucy_a_bigail

1) I'm scared of bananas. No joke. I hate being in the same room as them, if you ate one and then touched a remote control, I wouldn't be able to touch it until I disinfected it....I'm not even lying!
2) I LOVE Ribena, Lucozade original and Sprite.
3) History is by far my favourite subject, followed by textiles.
4) Monte Carlo makes me cry, sadly this is true
5) I am a huuuuuge desperate housewives fan
6) I go to Paris every other Christmas with my family, we own a house there and these holidays are the best. I have many happy memories there.
7) I sat a few meters away from an interview with my all time favourite fashion designer Vivienne Westwood a few years ago, it was great!
8) I am a Christian and following God is a huge part of my life even though I am from an atheist home
9) My favourite colour is pink, in case you didn't already know!
10) I have sucked my thumb all my life, yet have perfectly straight teeth
11) Wizard of Oz is my most favourite film ever.
12) I am a dancer and have been since I was 5. I have done ballet, tap, modern, jazz, street and character to date and have an exam coming up next month!
13) Linking to the fact above, I have passed my Royal Academy of Dance Ballet exams from pre-primary level up to Grade 5.
14) When I'm bored I play with makeup....and boy have I created some crazy looks over the years!
15) I take part in many productions at my local theatre and really enjoy it!
16) I love looking at peoples OOTDs!
17) the number of blogs I read is probably in the 100's!
18) I sleep diagonally with 2 pillows making a V
19) I am going to New York with my best friend Lauren in May, what could be better!?
20) I am subscribed to 71 youtubers
21) I have to watch the news everyday
22) I can drive tractors - what do you expect I grew up in Somerset!
23) I quote Mean Girls and SATC all the time
24) My laptop is pink
25) My favourite yankee candle scent is red velvet
26) I love staying in hotels
27) I am ridiculously close to my Mum
28) Me and my sister spend many hours watching 'Keeping up with the kardashian's' on 4music
29) I don't listen to chart music
30) I love having a good old rummage around a car boot sale
31) I wear Kim Kardashian perfume
32) Lana Del Rey sings me to sleep most nights
33) Sainsbury's chocolate fudge cake heating up in the microwave = bliss
34) I really want to learn the waltz
35) I know pretty much all of the Wurzles' songs off by heart
36) My favourite youtube videos are get ready with me ones, oh and I love what's in my bag too!
37) I eat a silly amount of cocktail sausages
38) I talk to my dog
39) I only started using google chrome a month ago
40) I really struggle to fall asleep
41) I wish to one day have a huge family
42) I cannot watch scary movies
43) Living in the middle of nowhere is amazing, I love it
44) I want to shave my hair off for human trafficking
45) One day I dream to own a rose gold Michael Kors watch
46) I may have slightly accidentally on purpose just spent all my money on one bag...woops
47) When I was little all I used to play on was the Sims
48) London is where my heart is
49) I think Cadbury's is SO SO SO much nicer than Galaxy!
50) getting compliments about my blog makes me very happy!

So there you go, lots of little silly facts about me! Hoped you liked this different style of post!


  1. great post! I agree, cadburys is so much better than galaxy, end of ahah!

  2. I find Cadbury's so much better than Galaxy too! And I talk to my dog and I used to live on the sims also! It's really nice to see something different on your blog, so that everyone can get to know you better! ♥

  3. I talk to my dogs, and am terrible at getting to sleep. Thanks for sharing.