Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Body Shop - Cucumber concombre

Right, first off...I'm pretty sure that this product has been discontinued! What is with The Body Shop discontinuing perfectly good products!? Anyway, after a little think, I decided to still blog about this, as you can still pick it up in some outlet Body Shop's. 
This little bad boy was in my local Body Shop reduced from £4 down to £2. I couldn't resist! A girl can never really have enough toners, can she? 
This product has become a daily essential and I don't know what I'm going to do when it runs out! Curse you Body Shop!
At first I was slightly skeptical about it being called a freshening water, but that's pretty much the same as a toner right? Even if it's not it works superb as one! Looking back, I really wish I had picked up a few more bottles, £2 was such a steal!
This product claims to refresh and cleanse skin and suitable for all types. I always remove my makeup with a wipe, and then give my face a quick going over with a drop of this on a cotton pad. One negative with this product, is that you need quite allot of it to cleanse your whole face.
This leaves my skins feeling fresh, clean and un clogged from all the gunk it acquires during the day, which is always a win. I also adore the cucumber smell. It doesn't smell artificial at all!
So my overall comment on this is....
If you really want to try this, you may find it in the sale in the Body Shop, if not I'm sure you could pick some up on eBay.
One last question - What is the difference between freshening waters and toners?

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Barry M's Translucent Powder

The lovely Barry from Barry M got in contact with me a few months ago about sending me some products. 
I always seem to leave products I want to review till after I have used them for a couple of months so that I can give the best, honest review of that product possible.
Firstly, I love the packaging. This Nars like rubber casing looks really swish and posh, Plus, this is one of my first ever powders contained like this that hasn't smashed...1000 brownie points to Barry M right now!
I wear MUA matte finish foundation daily, it's a great foundation but doesn't really do what it says on the bottle...It is the most shiny, un-matte foundation I have ever used. But that's where this bad boy comes in!
After dusting a bit of this over my face with my real techniques contour brush my foundation is set for the day, and I am ready to face the world!
You only need a little bit of this product (to avoid looking cakey) and it works a dream. This powder gives good coverage It has a smooth texture and overall is a really good product.
I'm pretty sure this costs £5.95 and can be bought from Boots and on the Barry M website.

Friday, 10 May 2013

The Body Shop Pure Detox Rejuvenating Bath soak

I am lucky enough to have a Body Shop clearance shop in my nearest town. I say lucky enough, but on this occasion it's a bit of a pain. I bought this product for half it's original price, fallen in love with it...but it is no longer stocked. WAH BODY SHOP WHY DO YOU ALWAYS FEEL THE NEED TO DISCONTINUE PERFECTLY GOOD PRODUCTS!?
The main reason I was drawn to this product was the smell. Words cannot describe how good this smells, it makes me want to eat it!
The main thing I love about this product is the packaging! It looks so posh and makes me want to display it rather than use it. (Any one else get that sometimes or just me? haha!)
You need the tiniest amount of it and it will leave you with a moderately scented bath, not too strong so the smell punches you in the face, but not so weak that you might as well of not bothered. 
It is called a 'detox' soak but if I honest I don't really know why. 
I snapped this bottle of goodness up reduced from £3 to £1.50 and now really wish I had picked up two.
Have you ever tried any 'detox' soaks?

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Badminton Horse Trials: OOTD, jumps and shopping!

Due to the crazy amount of photos within the post I am not going to type a huge introduction.
All I need to say is that below are a collection of photos I took whilst camping at Badminton Horse Trials and underneath the photos there are captions where appropriate. 
I hope you enjoy this photo packed post! 

Top - Joules
Zip up jumper - Lazy Jacks
Hat - Christmas pressie
Jeans - Primark
Bag - Primark
Wellie - Hunter
 Wellies - Hunter
Dress - Primark
Jumper - Primark
Tweed coat - Rydale
Bag - Primark

 My Digger dog
 Our friends dog Kia, this photo makes me laugh so much!
 These bad boys are essential!
 Can you spy Kia on the right!? aha!
Kia's ears in this photo are hilarious!
 I wore my Joules Elephant polo on cross country day - it's so comfy
 even when I camping it is still evident that I am a blogger haha!
A wee spot of shopping
 Since I have a fair few pen friends I always leap at any opportunity to buy cards

this stuff is amazing when camping
proper camping food, mmmmn

cross country day
The Badminton house

doing a spot of shopping

Me, the family and some friends watching cross country

does anyone else think that Digger looks like the dog from the doggy dentures ad? haha!
 this fall was awful, I felt so sorry for the rider and poor horse

Zara Phillips

Hope you enjoyed this slightly different post!