Monday, 22 April 2013

Where I live is stunning

this photo makes me laugh no end, I love my dog so much


my brother Thomas and Digger dog

 playing poo sticks
Taking Digger for a walk is always a joy.  You don't even need a lead, as-long as you have a tennis ball. Digger loves playing fetch, and if you have a ball if your hand he will do anything you want him to do. In our village there is many lovely walks but the route we went yesterday has to be my favourite. Digger loves to swim, and watching him do it never fails to put a smile on my face. If you chuck the ball in he will leap into the water and retrieve it, before coming out of the water and insisting to shake right next to you, bless him! 
I was out on a walk with my family yesterday and took these snaps and wanted to share them with you. We played poo sticks, laughed at Diggers leap into the water and soaked up the sunshine. 
It days like these when I really cherish living in the middle of nowhere!


  1. I recently rehomed a chocolate lab and he absolutely loves the water, he gets so hyper when he comes out the water though x

    1. aw he sounds so sweet! Good luck with him x

  2. I love your dog!

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