Monday, 29 April 2013

VO5 Heat protecting styling spray

I have quite an extensive collection of heat protection sprays. Nowadays we all like to torture our hair, with many different heated tools.
Therefore, I never feel too guilty when purchasing a heat protection spray as you can never really have too many.
I probably use heat on my hair about three times a week and jump between different brands of spray every time I feel like shaking things up a little.
I tend to only buy them when they are on special though, as there as so many different options out there that you can almost be certain that at least one will be on offer at any given time.
This is a perfect option if you want to effortlessly shield your hair from damage, leaving it smelling good at the same time!
This heat protectant spray leaves your hair glossy, frizz free and not sticky at all.
It pretty much ticks all the boxes!
I bought it for £1.97 whilst it was on offer in Tesco's, but its usual cost is £3.69.
So if you're looking for a cheap, yet efficient heat protectant spray, VO5 might just be your answer!


  1. Sounds brilliant! I've just picked up a volume spray from VO5 and so obsessed with it now! I can't believe how cheap their range is either, even at usual price. Total bargain for under £2! xx

  2. I love vo5 :) this sounds brilliant!! I always try get this sort of thing when it's on offer too ahha, ill keep an eye out for this. Great review xxx