Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Mac fix + Review

 For Christmas, I received this potion from my parents.
I don't own anything from Mac, well, that's a lie...I own a pencil sharpener.
But until now I have never really tried many Mac products as they are ridiculously steep for a teenager’s budget and would make a pretty large dent if I were to buy makeup from there. I feel that there are so many great high street makeup brands out there (MUA, Rimmel and Sleek to name a few) that I see no reason to pay such prices.
Anyway, rant over. At Christmas, my family always buy each other things that we have always wanted to own but never felt quite like we could justify buying it. It's great because we all get luxuries that we wouldn't otherwise own.
So here we go, I unwrapped this bottle of goodness on December 24th.
What intrigued me so much about this product was how versatile it is.
The fact it can be used as a refresher, to set makeup, to thin out thicker products, to make eye shadow more vibrant and finally to give your overall makeup a less cakey, powdered look.
I'm sure that there are many other uses for this product, but these are just a few of the ways that I like to use it.
I have tried and tested this product since Christmas day, and really can see a difference in my face after it's had a quick sprites of this bad boy.
I love that you can lock the bottle, as when I travel, I always become extremely paranoid about bottles leaking so this puts my mind at ease.
I saw this question come up in allot of other reviews of it, and I am also wondering the same. Since this product is predominantly water, would it work the same if I just used water? Well...keep your eyes peeled as there will be a post coming on that in the future!
My only criticism with this, and it’s not really a criticism as its probably my fault but when I apply this, I either hold it too far away, and feel that I don’t have much product on my face, or apply it to close and it runs down my face, ruining my makeup (well that was a slight exaggeration but you get the gist!)
My favourite use for this has to be diluting foundation and making eye shadow brighter. Although I don't add Fix + to my foundation this time of year, in the summer when I want a slightly less ''made up'' look I'm almost certain that I will be using Fix + in this way daily!
Also the difference between putting ordinary eye shadow onto your eyelid, and then doing it with a drop of fix + on the makeup brush makes such a difference!
At £11 (I think, like I said it was a gift so I'm not sure) I don't the price is too bad.
I reckon it will last me a fair while as it's a huge bottle so I'm pretty chuffed with it!
Have you ever used Fix + or anything similar?
What ways do you like to use it?


  1. Spray it on your eyeshadow brush before you apply. You get better pigmentation from a damp brush and the fix+ make it last longer!! xx

  2. I love Fix +! I usually spray it when my makeups done to make sure my face doesn't look too 'powdery'. x