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Style Icon: Carrie Bradshaw!

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A while back I entered into Clothes Show Lives junior journalist of the year award. I didn't win (no surprise there) but I am incredibly proud of the piece of work I submitted. I spent so long working on it plus it was a good excuse to watch SATC again and again! I would love to become a fashion/beauty journalist later on in life so thought it would be fun to enter! The topic was your fashion icon and surprise surprise, I wrote about Carrie Bradshaw. I thought you lovely lot might be interested in reading it, so here it is!
Style Icon – Carrie Bradshaw.
It goes without saying that Carrie Bradshaw, the love crazed character from Sex & the City is one of the biggest style icons in fashion. I use her outfits as an endless supply of inspiration for my wardrobe. Its people like her that makes getting dressed in the morning that little bit more significant to fashion lovers. Even when she’s wearing sports shorts and a slightly cheesy vest top she’s still strutting around New York in Christian Louboutins.
Carrie as a character is an icon, and Sarah Jessica Parker is no style slouch either. But the real credit goes to the stylists behind the scenes, mainly the legend that is, Patricia Field.
Mrs Bradshaw’s outfits tell the tale of a ten year journey of breakups, friendships, a honeymoon, affairs and a lot of laughter along the way.
In Sex and the city 2, Carrie is seen wearing a ‘’J’adore Dior’’ t-shirt with a puffy, purple skirt. This outfit was risky, and if worn on the wrong girl, they could easily end up looking like a trifle. But being her ‘I can pull anything off’’ self she does just that and rocks it! On another occasion Carrie is seen gliding along the bliss full beach in an orange, pleated maxi dress. She looked so glamorous in this yet not overdressed. The floating maxi dress and the sunset in the background looked so perfect and picturesque.
Carrie is certainly not one to blend in. For example in the opening scene of ‘Sex and the City 1’ Carries show stopping flower dress instantly tells you that Carrie is certainly no fashion faux pa.
The definition of a style icon is someone who has timeless style and manages to influence others in how they dress. To me, Carrie Bradshaw is the ultimate style icon.

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  1. Lovely little article- I do adore Carrie Bradshaw's style (ahem- shoes!)

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