Saturday, 2 March 2013

Shine on award!

(Photo - me)
Last week I was awarded the 'Shine on' award from the lovely Tolly from Tolly Dolly Posh (
To complete the process of passing this award on, I have to answer these few questions.

1 – Blusher or Bronzer?
Definitely bronzer, being so pale it adds a much needed glow to my face!
2 – Honey or Chocolate?
Chocolate! I only like honey on gamon and in honey and lemon drinks, apart from that I think it's vile!
3 – David Beckham or Josh Hutcherson?
Josh Hutcherson!
4 – Vivienne Westwood or Coco Chanel?
Vivienne Westwood! After being only a few metres away from her, listening to an interview at an event in London, I adore the woman. I love what she stands for!
5 – Fish fingers or Sushi?
Nothing beats a burnt fish finger ketchup sandwich!
6 – Name a film that makes your cry.
Titanic, I weep like a baby.
7 – Would you climb a mountain or shave your hair off for charity?
I want to do both in the future!
8 – If you had to wear one item of clothing for a whole year, what would it be and why?
My black fitted blazer, it goes with everything!
9 – If you had to go and live with one Fashion Designer, who would it be?
Probably with Victoria Beckham, I would love to see how busy her life is and what she does from day to day, I think it would be fascinating!
10 – What would you make if you were given: A plastic bag, a pair of curtains, a sofa cover, a pair of scissors and tape?
A very weird looking dress with a really long trail, kind of like a wedding dress!

I nominate;
Laura from 'A secret diary of a fashion journalist' She has been my favourite blogger since I first started reading them. I have seen her blog go from a hundred or so followers right up to nearly 2000!
Michelle from 'lovely Michelle' She has some great posts, I especially loved the Saturday night post Michelle put live last week!
Ree from - Her blog has been a firm fave from the start, I found her bootcamp posts so interesting! ohh and she met the Spice girls, how cool is that!?
Britt from 'Just loves fashion' I love Britts blog, and she has youtube too!
Her blog is relatively new, as she only started it in January but I just love her style so much!

Here are my questions!
1) Hot or cold ribena?
2) Chocolate or sweets?
3) Who is you're style icon?
4) What one makeup product could you not survive without?
5) Superdrug or Boots?
6) What is your favourite Lush product?
7) foundation or BB cream?
8) What is your favourite month?
9) Marmite, do you love it or hate it?
10) What is your favourite childhood book?
Thankyou so much to Tolly for nominating me!
To pass the post on, answer my ten questions, mention your five fave bloggers, write a set of ten questions and then notify them!
 This is why I love the blogging community. I can't wait to see the girls who I nominated posts!


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