Tuesday, 19 March 2013

No 7 Lipstick: Shade 40 LOVELY

This lipstick does not dissapoint!
 It has a creamy, smooth texture and applies a dream. It doesn't dry my lips out and is extremely moisturizing.
I was given this lipstick as a gift by my Aunt not so long ago and have been loving it more than ever recently. I tend to shy away from bold colours, and alothough this isn't boldest colour out, it's still a little out my comfort zone. Or so I thought!
It's in shade 40 Lovely, and looks pretty scary at first. Once on it looks beautiful. An autumnal, glistening red shade with pink undertones. It's extremely flattering and is a good colour for those who are gradually working there way up to big bold colours.
I'm not sure how much these lipsticks are, but I would reccomend that if you're going to purchase anything from No7 you wait till there giving out £5 off vouchers when you buy anything from Boots, and then redeem them to make your buy cheaper.
Have you ever tried No7's lipsticks?

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