Thursday, 7 March 2013

London Fashion Week

(screenshot - me)
Sorry the picture is a bit poop, it was the only one I got! 
This year is the first year I have watched London Fashion week live, and I know it sounds pathetic but it’s been a real experience. Me and magazines have had a special bond for the last couple of years, I would spend hours drooling over Burberry trench coats and Mulberry handbags. That was good, but the live streaming is such a great extension to magazines! Watching LFW live means that I can get a sense of what the atmosphere is like there, the music, the speed, the type of catwalk. I have spent these last few days with a cup of coffee in hand; my pink laptop at the ready and my iphone open on twitter. I have got into quite a routine of reading tweets about what’s expected from the show, watching it myself (whilst tweeting like there’s no tomorrow!) and then seeing on twitter what everyone else thought of the show. I have loved every minute of it and am filled with inspiration for my own collection one day – a girl can dream eh? London Fashion Week has got a big fat 10/10 from me this year! The schedule on their website is laid out clearly and their tweets are such a help in knowing what shows are running late ect. My favourite shows had to be Unique, Mulberry and Burberry – especially the dogs in the Mulberry show, too cute! Did you tune in to any of the live streaming of London Fashion Week? What was your favourite collection?

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