Friday, 15 February 2013

Yankee Candle: Red Velvet

My parents were kind enough to give me this candle for my birthday.
I have been lusting after this Yankee candle for ages! I have never ever bought a Yankee candle as although they burn for hours, they are still quite a large amount to fork out on a candle.
There is such a large array of different scents that choosing just one was quite a mammoth task.
(Mum let me choose the candle as she didn't want to buy one I hated the smell of!)
Allot of the Yankee candles smell far too strong or fruity for me, so I did a fair lot of sniffing to find that perfect one. Eventually I came across Red Velvet, and it was love. This smell is just what I was looking for and more. It’s a very foody smell...and well, smells of cupcakes.
It has a strong smell of vanilla and is just an all-round lovely scent.
I know Yankee candles are available from Hallmark and Clinton’s card but they're probably available from other places as well. Oh, and Clintons cards were selling all of their Yankee candles for half price when mum bought this so it might be worth popping in there and seeing if that offer is still running!
I'm hugely looking forward to burning this!
What's your favourite Yankee scent?


  1. I love yankee candles! my favourite is the clean cotton. its absolutely lush : )

  2. Hi Lucy! It was lovely meeting you today! I LOVE Yankee candles! My favourite is definitely their Christmas Cupcake one :) I haven't heard of Red Velvet so definitely need to smell it soon! xx

  3. Ahh this sounds loooovely! I have the regular vanilla scented candle and I can't get enough of it haha xx