Friday, 8 February 2013

Skin Therapy: Deep cleansing nose strips

 I'm going to be completely honest now.
I suffer with black heads, I'm pretty sure everyone does - especailly teenagers.
I have tried countless products targetted at them, and never had any sucess.
Untill I stumbled across these in Wilkinsons the other day.
I was slightly put of at first by them not being a brand I have tried before (Skin Therpy - Wilkinsons own brand) but after seeing that they cost the small sum of 99p, what did I have to loose?
To use these you have to:
1) Clean your face so that it has no makeup or any other type of product on it.
2) With the nose still wet, peel the strip away from the liner and place it on the nose, shine side down. Make sure you smooth out any bubbles or creases.
4) Allow the strip to dry for about 10 minuites or so.
5) Peel the strip off, it is easist if you start from the two sides and work your way in. If the strip is painfull to remove, wet it so that it is easier to peel.
I found the instructions on the back of the box very clear and informative. I followed them and had no problems untill it came to removing the strip. It was very painful so naturally, I wetted it.
Even after doing this it was still very painful.
It almost felt like I was having the bridge of my nose waxed!
But, I am so pleased with the results that I really dont care!
Aswell as getting rid of the majority of my blackheads on my nose, it also left it incredibly smooth and soft.
Overall, 100 brownie points to Wilkos.
Have you ever tried any beauty products from Wilkinsons?



  1. Ooh I'll have to pick some of these up next time I'm in Wilkos, I love nose strips! x

  2. I love pore strips. I've not tried these though. Will be picking them up soon. what a bargain.