Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Bristol bloggers meet!

 Thanks to @jennaayTPOF for the table photos!

Thanks to @roxysmakeupbox for the picture of me and Emily!
I attended the Bristol bloggers meetup on Saturday and had a fab time! I was ridiculously nervous, and that's an understatement. Rather than letting my nerves take over, and not go at all, my lovely friend Emily offered to come too, as although she doesn’t have a blog, she reads a few!
We got the train from Castle Cary up to Temple Meads in Bristol. We were both freezing. We really didn't dress well considering how cold it was!
Everyone at the meet up was lovely. I was sat next to the gorgeous Becky from and opposite the lovely girls from
We had a little natter, drinks and some people had food.
I was surprised at how welcoming everyone was. I was so worried that people wouldn't even give us the time of day because of our age, so everyone’s response was really appreciated!
*warning, I'm going to go off on a tandem here*
If you ever go into Frankies and have to order the Amalfi Sunrise! It's a mix of pomegranate syrup and orange juice amongst other things, and it's lush!
Overall it was a lovely day! I want to thank Alessia from and Sasha from so so much for organising such a great event! The did such a superb job and are equally as lovely in real life as they are online!
Oh and expect lots of reviews coming up on some of the incredible products that were in the goodie bags....even the Benefit fine one one *screams with excitement!*

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My name's Lucy and I'm a fashion addict

Fashion addict top - New Look
Trousers - George
Shoes - New Look
Spike bracelet - Topshop

These trousers are the new love of my life. A friend gave them to me as they didn't fit her and her receipt had run out. This fit me like a glove and I have a feeling you will be seeing allot more of them in the near future! Oh and the shoes. *swoons*
I bought these ready for New York back in October but as I mentioned before it was cancelled due to hurricane sandy, but I'm going in May! Cannot wait!
What clothing items are going to be your fashion staples this spring?
Oh and ps, I ombre-ed my hair! Do you like the look of it? I'm so pleased with how it turned out!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A little change

You may have noticed that Lucy Abigail has had a little makeover. I was getting a bit bored of my layout, and if it’s boring me, it must be boring you! That explains the new pages, layout, side bar and banner. I really want Lucy Abigail to be something that I’m really proud off, and first impressions count – so I really want my blogs appearance to reflect me and be easy to understand. Do you like the changes made?

Friday, 15 February 2013

Yankee Candle: Red Velvet

My parents were kind enough to give me this candle for my birthday.
I have been lusting after this Yankee candle for ages! I have never ever bought a Yankee candle as although they burn for hours, they are still quite a large amount to fork out on a candle.
There is such a large array of different scents that choosing just one was quite a mammoth task.
(Mum let me choose the candle as she didn't want to buy one I hated the smell of!)
Allot of the Yankee candles smell far too strong or fruity for me, so I did a fair lot of sniffing to find that perfect one. Eventually I came across Red Velvet, and it was love. This smell is just what I was looking for and more. It’s a very foody smell...and well, smells of cupcakes.
It has a strong smell of vanilla and is just an all-round lovely scent.
I know Yankee candles are available from Hallmark and Clinton’s card but they're probably available from other places as well. Oh, and Clintons cards were selling all of their Yankee candles for half price when mum bought this so it might be worth popping in there and seeing if that offer is still running!
I'm hugely looking forward to burning this!
What's your favourite Yankee scent?

Friday, 8 February 2013

Skin Therapy: Deep cleansing nose strips

 I'm going to be completely honest now.
I suffer with black heads, I'm pretty sure everyone does - especailly teenagers.
I have tried countless products targetted at them, and never had any sucess.
Untill I stumbled across these in Wilkinsons the other day.
I was slightly put of at first by them not being a brand I have tried before (Skin Therpy - Wilkinsons own brand) but after seeing that they cost the small sum of 99p, what did I have to loose?
To use these you have to:
1) Clean your face so that it has no makeup or any other type of product on it.
2) With the nose still wet, peel the strip away from the liner and place it on the nose, shine side down. Make sure you smooth out any bubbles or creases.
4) Allow the strip to dry for about 10 minuites or so.
5) Peel the strip off, it is easist if you start from the two sides and work your way in. If the strip is painfull to remove, wet it so that it is easier to peel.
I found the instructions on the back of the box very clear and informative. I followed them and had no problems untill it came to removing the strip. It was very painful so naturally, I wetted it.
Even after doing this it was still very painful.
It almost felt like I was having the bridge of my nose waxed!
But, I am so pleased with the results that I really dont care!
Aswell as getting rid of the majority of my blackheads on my nose, it also left it incredibly smooth and soft.
Overall, 100 brownie points to Wilkos.
Have you ever tried any beauty products from Wilkinsons?


Saturday, 2 February 2013

My Birthday!

I turned 15 on Wednesday (You can read my year older post here!)
I had a truly wonderful day, even if I had to go to school.
To be quite frank, I don't mind school on option days, I just hate it on core days (double maths + double science +english = not fun...atal!) so luckily on Wednesday I had History, and any day with history involved is a good day in my books.
After all -
"you cannot predict the future, but you can understand the past"
Someone quoted this to me recently and I love it!
Anyway, enough about my love for history!
After coming home from school I got to see my Grandad who I haven't seen for ages, so that was lovely!
(me and the girls in the canteen at lunch)
Then, some of my girlfriends came round and we giggled and gossiped away for a few hours.
I had great fun singing my heart out to Taylor Swift and eating my body weight in chocolate fudge cake, bliss.
To top the evening off, some of my Auntie's came round and we had a good old natter like a bunch of old women, haha!
Overall, my birthday was a good day indeed!
Thank you so much to everyone who sent me birthday wishes, gave me lovely presents and just made the day so lovely!
Ps, reading this back I realise I have used copious amounts of exclamation marks, woopsies haha!