Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Sudocrem: Lifesaver!

Sudocrem, also known as bum cream.
Lately everyone is talking about this product, and they have good reason to!
I've been using Sudocrem on my face for about 3 months now. Being a teenager, my skin isn't on my side at this point in life. It likes to breakout and give me massive spots (usually right before an important event in which I want to look nice haha!) but that's why Sudocrem comes in!
Sudocrem says:
''Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream is a market leading product for treating nappy rash. Clinically prove, it helps to soothe, heal and protect your baby's delicate skin from further irritation.''
What can Sudocrem be used for?
-Nappy Rash
- Bed Sores
-Minor Burns
-Surface wounds
-  Acne/Spots
I use Sudocrem every night before I go to bed. I dab a bit onto spots and areas of redness that's on my face. I leave it on overnight, whilst it works its magic. When I wake up I then clean any excess on with a flannel whilst washing my face. It has a very thick, creamy consistency but I like that as I feel it helps the cream to stay in place where I want it to overnight. The smell is pretty strong, but personally, I love it. It just reminds me of being a little child and I find it's gets me all relaxed, almost like the scent of lavender. You can also get Sudocrem in lots of different sizes. Weather you want massive pots, travel size pots, 'normal' pots Sudocrem do it all! This size cost a measly £2.25! BARGAIN ALERT!
The only downfall I would say with this cream is that it does come off all over your bed sheets, but I don't mind. It makes my spots significantly better and that's all I'm worried about!


  1. Ive seen many people rave about sudocrem but it does nothing for me except build up in my skin :( So I've been using La Roche Posay for night time spot treatment. Great post :)

  2. Got to love sudocrem hun!!! I love it too! My baby has a massive tub that i also use :)

    A xx

  3. I've been using this every night for nearly two weeks now! I don't know why I haven't started using this before because it's been working so well :) x