Sunday, 27 January 2013

Snowy Instagram Pictures

 Our Catalpa tree looking beautiful

 Snowy garden
 Me and Lauren at school
 Me and Lauren in the snow
our beheaded snowman

I love snow, and since we didn't get any last year (well, atleast not in Somerset!) I was even more excited this year. I woke up on Friday morning to find school closed, yipee! Over the weekend I had lots of fun in the snow, and even more fun sitting inside, all cosy and warm!
On Wednesday I was so gutted. On the school webiste it read:
''School is CLOSED to year 7,8 and 9 but OPEN to year 10 and 11.''
I was not a happy Lucy.
 But atleast I got to have some fun with Lauren in the snow at school, and we got sent home at lunchtime anyway!
Below is our headless snowman now that the snow is nearlly all gone!
Do you have instagram?
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  1. That's crap that they opened school for the older kids and not the younger ones! x

  2. Beautiful snow pictures. Such a shame about the snow man haha And it really sucks to be older... oh the joys lol

    I currently have a lipstick giveaway running including MAC & more:


  3. instagram was so pretty last week! If it helps, I had to go into work & it was my birthday (although I did ditch it an hour later so i'm not sure how much that counts haha) my instagram is @poppy839
    Poppy @ lets drive far away x

  4. Hey! New follower :) Those pics are so pretty! I'm not a big snow fan but pictures of snow are always pretty. Im not in school anymore but I know how you feel because I was the same way when it snowed! lol.
    I just made an Instagram account (finally) lol, so I only have one picture up! But you can follow if you want and i will follow back. kellabella83


  5. I found your blog from the #bbloggers chat & i'm now following you!(: