Wednesday, 23 January 2013

MUA lipsticks: shade 12 & 7

I love MUA lipsticks. They are amazing. Utterly amazing.
Above you can see the shades 12 and 7 in all there glory.
I adore these two shades. I'm not confident enough (yet!) to wear bright, bold lipsticks and are much more comfortable wearing shades like these.
Let's start of with the price. £1 each.....yes you heard me right!!
MUA's lipstick are so moisturising that there almost like wearing a tinted lipbalm with much better pigmentation! They go on smoothly and the finish is great. They are also extremely long wearing and need touching up very little if next to none.
The only criticism I have with these lipsticks are that they are extremely delicate. I'm always worried when using them that the lipstick will snap, therefore I have to go extra careful applying them meaning it takes longer...but cant complain really with a price like that!
Overall I would urge you to check out MUA lipsticks if you haven't already!


  1. I really love MUA Lipsticks as well :) Can't wait to buy some more once my Spending Ban is over :) xx | Shona x

  2. They are great! You're on a spending ban!? Rather you than me haha! Good luch with it xx

  3. These colours are so nice! I'm starting to build up quite a nice little collection of MUA lippies :)

  4. I love MUA but haven't tried their lipsticks! For a £1 you can't go wrong really x