Saturday, 12 January 2013

How to: De-clutter your wardrobe


Now is the season to get organised. It’s time to get rid of that bargain dress you never wear, that sits on its hanger glaring at you accusingly. Most of us only wear two thirds of our clothes, that’s crazy right!? Here are some tips and tricks to help you clear out the rubbish and keep the gems, so you can get the most out of your clothes!

1) First off set aside a whole day, believe me…you’ll need it!

2) Empty you’re drawers and clean inside them. (Yes, I know this sounds crazy but what’s the point in putting clean clothes on top of 5 year old dust?)

3) Lay everything out so you can see it, perhaps on your bed.

4) Time to get ruthless. That top you forgot you had? I doubt you’re ever going to wear it if you forgot you had it? That handbag you now dislike but paid a heavy price for? That’s what ebay’s for!

5) Sort your clothes into piles of ‘Keep’ ‘Chuck’ ‘Charity Shop’ ‘Ebay’ and ‘DIY/needs mending’

6) Chuck aside the stuff you don’t wish to keep; you can deal with that later. Unless you can’t be bothered and donate it all to the charity shop, likely scenario.

7) Bin any laddered or bobbly tights; any belts that are broken and socks that have holes in.

8) Go through clothes in your keep pile, making sure all items are clean, and smell good.

9) Put you’re keep pile away neatly. Try to avoid hanging items to close together as this can cause creasing.
*TIP: try and store knitwear flat in drawers as hanging it may stretch it*

10) Now we tackle all the other piles. Anything you know you definitely don’t want chuck straight out. Continue to put the rest of the clothes somewhere specific, a separate clothes rails perhaps? Over the next couple of weeks try to wear as much of this clothes as possible. Anything that you failed to wear should be waved bye bye too. This is a good way of establishing what you really do and don’t want, and also helps to see if you have any clothes that suits that weird orange tunic you bought in the sale last year.

11) If you get yourself into a state, grab a coffee and your laptop and pinterest ‘wardrobe’, prepare to be motivated!

Recently I have moved house so have been going through this process myself. I really struggled with first getting started with it as it seemed such a big task to do, but am really pleased with the results.

Below are a couple of snaps I took during the process;

Good Luck!

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